Tuesday, January 31, 2012

UCypher Presents Southern Hayze Cypher(@dre_day19 @godb4blakthaceo)

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

@QoTRing Sparring session @JadaEFFINRaye vs @splyttP

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@ILL_McKenzie in Brian Davis' "Everything Copestedic"

My step dad Brian Davis has been writing and directing plays for awhile, I have had the privileged to be featured in one of his plays to movies "Everything's Copestedic". Above is my scenes in the movie, which is about two friends that rob a check cashing place but only one is captured. The one that is captured refuse to reveal his partner in crime to the authorities and is the only one sentenced to jail time. While away he ask his partner to look after his wife and kids, the outcome of this, his partner falls in love with his wife and that is when the dram begins. If interested you can purchase all 3 vols of this Play to DVD here, and also check out the other plays that he has written and turned into moves or just the actual stage play themselves.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

@rickyruckus - BiPolar

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#QuarantineRadio Interview with Clothing Line @RARE_KOTC


Name of Creator: Aaron Nicholas Markell Wilkerson
Age: 25
Hometown(s): Fayetteville, North Carolina/ St. Louis, Missouri
Currently Living in: Greensboro, North Carolina
Highest Form of Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Technology from North Carolina A&T University (HBCU)
Past Jobs: Cleaning Service for Food Lion (Janitor), BusBoy at Texas Road House, Cashier for Carmike Theaters, Inventory Specialist for Best Buy, Technical Consultant for Sprint.
Bio: When people see me they automatically think SPORTS. As a 6’2” black male with an athletic body frame, I can see why this is always assumed of me but I always seem to surprise people when they get to know me. As a child and young adult I did play sports such as basketball (I suck at basketball), Baseball (wasn’t a great hitter), and football (I couldn’t catch a cold), but most of my energy was placed in music.
            Throughout middle school and most of high school I was band geek. I started off playing the clarinet and I was pretty good considering that I didn’t really practice that often. I was made fun of a lot by my peers since the clarinet was known to be the second “gayest” instrument in the world according to them. I never let them win in the banter but I didn’t really have the best defense. There were only three other males that played the clarinet, I became friends with one of them and he turned out to be a homosexual. We remained good friends but it didn’t do wonders to my popularity with the jocks or the girls. The main thing high school taught me was to be myself, mainly because I sucked at doing anything else.
            I attended North Carolina A&T in 2004 and enrolled myself in the school of Mechanical Engineering. One thing I tell young adults that are planning to attend college is to make sure you research your major THOUROUGHLY. To be honest, I picked my major primarily because of its title. I saw the word Mechanical and I thought “Machines, I like machines”. I then looked at the word Engineering and thought “Engineering=Building, I’m a beast with legos.” When I found that Mechanical Engineers spent most of their time in front a computer and had nothing to do with legos I should of got out that second, but I wasn’t raised to be a quitter. I then spent most of my time in front of a computer or with my face buried in reports, word problems, and formulas. I only lasted two semesters. I then switched my major to Electronic Computer Technology which was something that I really enjoyed because I was given the chance to build things with my hands but it never fulfilled my creative hunger.
            In between working and school I was also a Disc Jockey. To this day I still participate in events such as club parties, weddings, house parties etc. My interest in graphic designed stemmed from my dreams of being a DJ. I would create my own business cards and flyers in order to promote myself. I’ve changed my DJ name about four times so I have had plenty of practice. As a DJ my wardrobe mainly consisted of dope/rare sneakers, jeans, graphic t-shirts, and hoodies. Fashion wise, my only goal was to make sure nobody else had what I had so in order to do that I had to shop where others didn’t but being in Greensboro North Carolina, my options were extremely limited. I had to use the internet for most of my shopping so I would always be on websites like PickYourShoes.com, SneakerFreaker.com, and Karmaloop to just name a few. I strived to be different but at the same time, myself.

            My brand name, Rare, came when I bought a pair of Limited Edition Supra Skytop 14K Premium Gold Perf Shoes off of ebay for $250.00 (I was broke for three wks after that). I’m the type of person that has to have a shirt that matches perfectly with the shoes but trying to find a t-shirt with gold on it was pretty hard in Greensboro North Carolina, especially since I was (still am) picky. As I was scavenging through the mall, I saw kiosk that allowed you to design your own t-shirt. So I went to footlocker and bought an army green t-shirt and coined the phrase “I LIKE MY SHOES RARE.” The entire text was in metallic gold except the word Rare, which was in red and in a different type of font that had a dripping effect, which portrayed dripping blood.  I wore this shirt with my shoes the very next day and it was received well. When I walked by, I would catch the eyes of people reading the shirt and then looking at the shoes. The feeling of creating something and having strangers like it turned out to be very addicting. I designed the shirt with the intention to be different but at the same time be myself, so that is when I decided to create and name my clothing line Rare. The tag line “Killers of the Common” didn’t come until years later when I was finally satisfied with a trademark. I loved the trademark but I felt that people wouldn’t really understand it without some sort of explanation, so I stared at the trademark and envisioned my clothing line 5 years into the future and the first thing that came to me was Killers of the Common.

            Right now the clothing line is at its beginning stages but the potential is limitless. When the line is fully up and running, it will have to power to go any direction it chooses. This company chooses to be loyal to no specific demographic, only to ourselves. Love us or hate us. I don’t want Rare: Killers of the Common to fit under just one label because once that is done the creativity of the brand has a cap, and that’s something that I never want. The company that I intend to follow and hopefully conquer is NIKE. They are accepted everywhere and they make products for everybody. That is what I hope for.


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#QuarantineRadio Interview with Best selling author @Tiphani_M


When I was 12, they told me I was stupid — and prescribed ‘smart pills’ (aka, Ritalin) to wrestle my brain into a state of submission. I fed them to my Rottweiler. They worked like a charm.

When I was 21, they told me I’d never amount to anything — so I took my baby daughter, moved to a new state, self-published a book of poetry, and sold 2,500 copies in less than a month...from behind the bar where I mixed drinks & hustled tips.

When I was 25, my college GPA was an abysmal 0.0 — so I dropped out. Wrote my first (of four) novels in two and a half months. And landed on the Essence magazine bestseller list seven separate times — including the #1 spot.

At 26, I snapped open my eyes and saw the life I'd designed, with unflinching clarity. My love life was sick — with an infection that was poisoning my sanity, my creativity, and my ability to earn money — and hold my own power. I had allowed a series of bad relationships to spin me — a confident, self-made woman — into a docile doormat.

And just like magic, a brilliant little voice was whispering (well, more like BELLOWING):


And when I decided to GET UP & GO HARDER, my life transformed with incredible speed.

That’s the power of taking responsibility for moments of ‘temporary insanity’, setting diamond-sharp goals, and holding yourself accountable for positive ACTION.

Today, I'm no longer a doormat. And nobody calls me "stupid" — and I live to tell the tale.

I'm a whip-cracker, a professional Challenger, and a master of manifestation.

I’m synthesizing everything I’ve studied, experienced, and created in the realms of relationships, entrepreneurship & single parenting into my GET UP & GO HARDER empire.

From 1-on-1 coaching & live onstage workshops, to my 30-day Challenge & weekly affirmations, everything I’m serving up on this site is designed to help you BELIEVE in your intuitive genius, TRUST your pro-active decisions, and LIVE your life as if you’ve already arrived, precisely where you want to be.

My coaching is wild. It’s spiritual. And let me tell you — it is ABSOLUTELY about cashflow, power & fearless self-promotion.

If your career is stagnating — or hasn't even begun...If you're locked in a déjà vu cycle of sickly relationships...If you want to be a role model for your kids — and bring out their gifts, by shining a light on your own...GET UP & GO HARDER is your new mantra, your new life-policy, and your new online bootcamp for coaching, accountability, self-respect, and success.


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@holaprivito - Shot Caller (Freestyle)

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Doctor Report on @cocokissatl22 Mixtape "The Prototype"

Quarantine Radio tries to set them self apart from the other critics and just the bandwagon listeners, so when it came to listening to this mixtape and knowing when it comes to this artist most people always have feedback on her voice, we focus on the content of the artist(Coco Kiss) and her deliverance on tracks. Both ILL McKenzie and Beat M.D. had their difference of opinion on the artist once again.

ILL Mckenzie The only problem he had with this Mixtape was that the artist did not show any type of versatility of it. If she was trying make a Mixtape for the clubs and radio she succeeded. Not saying that is a bad thing because it fits good for her style. What he was impress with was her deliverance on the microphone along with her charisma, which really brought her out as an artist. The Mixtape also display her ability to sync well with other artist, which would make her a very good featured artist, whether she is just doing the hook or laying down a 16. This artist proved she can lighting up a track and bring a hit for the club, but I would like to see if she could tell a story, or speak on serious content or subject. Overall gave the mixtape a 3 out 5.

M.D. didn't want to focus on her voice but said it was very hard. I believe the artist is fine but she sound like a lil girl and it was kind of annoying. Also did not find any versatility and just thought she fit in the club scene. He did not really have much to say about the Mixtape, felt the artist was unique but just could not find himself listening to the artist again. Overall gave the mixtape a 2 out of 5.

ILL Mckenzie = 3 out of 5

M.D. = 2 out of 5


1 = clean bill of health
2 = light cough
3 = 24 hour bug
4 = Flu

Broadcast of Review

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Doctor report on @JGunnisbetter mixtape "The Earl Manigault Project"

Quarantine Radio took a listen to J Gunn Mixtape "The Earl Manigualt Project" and both ILL McKenzie and Beat M.D. were very impress by the overall project.

M.D. was very impress by the quality of the mixtape and the fact that it sound like an album and not the typical mixtape full of cover tracks. The lyrical content reminded him of Lupe Fiasco, very in depth lyrical presence and had the ability to balance out the mixtape with different content and displayed a lot of creativity along with that. Overall M.D. gave the Mixtape a 4 out of 5

ILL McKenzie was impress by the quality of the mixtape from the content and the lyrical structure. Also felt that the charisma and deliverance that this artist display on the microphone, sets up the visual of what his lyrics are trying to display for the listener. He has a rare quality that most emcee do not possess of painting a vivid picture while telling a story, or bringing a listener into his world to understand his vision and the reality that he sees. The overall balance of going from a smooth vibe track, to a club feel track, to a track for the ladies, to just a eye opener to every day reality. Overall ILL gave the Mixtape a 5 out of 5

M.D. = 4 out of 5

ILL = 5 out of 5


1 = Clean Bill of health
2 = Light Cough
3 = 24 hour bug
4 = Flu

Monday, January 9, 2012

@KrisLuvDaLadies - Zooooooooooed ( She Will Remix )

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Doctor Report on @Awax336 Mixtape "Thanks in Advance"

ILL McKenzie was the only one that got the opportunity to talk listen to A Wax mixtape. He felt like this mixtape was not a platform to display who A Wax was as an artist himself. On might even look at this mixtape as a Soundtrack style album where it has a lot of various artist but every track features A Wax. What the mixtape does display, is that he has the ability to adapt to any emcee and develop that chemistry on a track. He also shows great versatility as he touch on many topics and genre within hip hop itself.  Overall ILL gave this mixtape a 3.5 out of 5.

ILL = 3.5 out of 5


1 = clean bill of health
2 = light cough
3 = 24 hour bug
4 = Flu

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


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Cam_Be_That On Spittin In Da Wip

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Doctor Report on @essyoubee mixtape Distance to Infinity

When it came to reviewing this Mixtape, both ILL McKenzie and Beat M.D. were impress by the rapper Submit but both had their different opinions on how the rapper stood out and what they would like to see from the rapper over all.

ILL Said that the mixtape was pure raw hip hop and the artist possess the ability to tell a story. On the track "Tumblr Chick" he ties in the current trend of the social network trend into a story that people could relate to while sticking with the essence of hip hop itself, one might say he sort of bridge the gap on this track. ILL did not feel like the rapper was trying to break into the industry off a gimmick but more of pouring out his soul into the music. On a couple track the artist transfers his passion for his music from his lips, to the microphone to the listeners ear, and delivers the ability to help the listener vividly see the picture he is trying to paint through his words and his heart. Over all ILL gave this Mixtape a 4 out of 5

M.D. said he was very impress by the rapper ability to handle himself on the microphone but he didnt like the fact the rapper was trying to change up his style to a pop genre. Didn't feel the rapper had to go that route on the mixtape but he liked his flow and strong presence of his delivery. Overall he gave the mixtape a 4 out 5.

ILL Rating = 4 out 5

M.D. Rating = 4 out 5


1 = Clean Bill of Health
2 = Light Cough
3 = 24 hour bug
4 = Flu