Saturday, April 28, 2012

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Did Nas take in consideration Destiny's feelings?


    First off let me say that Nas is my favorite rapper of all time. I always appreciate his mind set and the way he delivers a track. In my opinion he touches subjects other rappers are scared to and through out the years has been in his own category in the hip hop domain.
     Now listening to the tracks "Daughters", Nas touches on a subject most fathers go through. Even though I am not a father myself, but I have female relative below my age, when one knows how they have treated woman, one thinks bout the concept you reap what you sow. With that said I can just imagine having a daughter with that in the back of your mind.This track touches on those emotions and is something that has not been spoke on, but is reality in many guy's head. Holding a baby girl and depending on your situation with the babymama, at times can trigger flashbacks of ones behaviors towards the female breed. Most the times it makes one over protective and makes one very judgmental towards any guy that comes close to that female relative. Actually one cannot only speak on those female relative who are younger, because if you're a son and watch your mother dating, one might have the same mentality to protect their vulnerability. Maybe it is not right to think of the female counterparts as weak, but the thoughts of how a couple words that we have used to manipulate ones mind has took in affect, at the time is the first thing that processes.
       Nas in the past has wrote a song about his daughter, which in my opinion was one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard, "Me and You" off his double album "Street Disciple".It was something that a daughter could be proud of that their father wrote about them. Even though the song "Daughter" was a subject never touched and could benefit a lot of father's ears, did Nas take into consideration his daughter's feelings. How this song would effect her, as these lyrics are coming out her own fathers mouth and in public. By now the whole world knows about her incident, but the fact that Destiny is 17 years old, most teenage girls deep down still long for the approval and love of their father. Question is does this song display that love and affection she needs or is this like a spanking in front of the world's eye view.
    I don't agree with Carmen, because I am sure she has done her damage too. I have not read her book, but just the information I do know could bring shame to a child to know their parents business and the fact it is public is even worst. So this is something she should take into consideration as well.
    The song in my opinion is a beautiful song, but the song is at the expense of his daughter. At the end of the day Nas gave the world another classic, but he has to re comfort his daughter and let her know that he meant no harm by his words.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Asia Monroe is a fake who stole Karin identity

Even though it is not well known, we at Quarantine Radio were the first ones to conduct an interview with Asia Monroe which took place 1/1712.Our establishment try to reward people that we see that have a hustle and drive for success, and that was seen in Asia when I first contacted her for an interview. By doing this, we made a rookie mistake and did not do a deep investigation of the person we were bout to interview. All I knew is she was a up and coming model trying to make a name for herself, and a hour before the show she surprised me by revealing to me that she was a transexual, which was a total shocker. I try not to judge people so I still proceeded with the interview. During the interview when my partner found out her situation he was highly upset and said somethings which our listening base found funny, but being the person that I am, after Ms Monroe disconnected from the radio show, I tried to make sure that this person was alright and that no comments were offensive towards them.

Like all of the guest that come on my show I try to keep a constant communication with them, after awhile this person eventually told me that they lied about being a transexual which was puzzling to me. While wondering why would anyone lie about something like that, a few weeks later she texted me telling me that some photos had leaked from her phone onto the net, then another week later another story had "leaked" about her. I started becoming very suspicious of what was really going on. Bout a day later someone had informed me someone was talking about listening to our show with her, which happen to be one of the websites that was posting these stories. After the show leaked she then again was telling people she was a transexual again. By this point I was high confused on what to believe any more, few seconds later someone brought to my attention a girl was claiming that the pictures being posted were hers and that Asia was a fake. When I question Asia about this she was highly upset that I would accuse her of being a fake. After following the other girl on twitter and Facebook she proceeded to block me on those social networks and said I was not being supportive. With the truth finally coming out I felt it was my responsibility to apologize for everything that took place.

I am honestly sorry that this poor girl Karin had to go through this whole thing. It really makes me wonder why someone would go through all the trouble of pretending to be someone else and at the same time ruin that person reputation. We have recently taken down the young lady picture from the interview segment and really would like to apologize for the part we took in this scandal. Like I said before it was a rookie mistake and we take full responsibility for not getting more information about the person to make sure they were who they said they were.

We at Quarantine Radio would like to wish Karin luck in her future venture and hope this whole situation does not damage any opportunities that might become available to her.

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