Saturday, April 30, 2011

Doctor Review on @Ed_E_Ruger "ZipLocked and Loaded"

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Ziplocked & Loaded Promo Sampler - buy now on itunes,amazon,etc by ederuger

The intro off tops gives an old school feel, very raw and real. Ed E Ruger delivers 40 bars of a mini autobiography of himself. So one can say this is more than an intro to the mixtape but also an intro to the rapper on it. He shows a missing element that most emcees are missing and that the ability to tell a story while rhyming. With just this, it shows that Ruger understands the art of the music and he displayed this same trait on the next track which impressed me, with a nice beat that could rock a crowd and lyrics that a person could relate to, his track “This is the life” could be compared to Ice Cube’s “It was a Good Day”. Not only does he have the ability to create a story from his point of view, he also demonstrates the ability to create one from another person point of view. Overall he showed a lot of versatility and ability to switch his flow and switch styles to appeal to wide range of hip hop listeners. Then he ended the mixtape the same way he started but this time provided 68 bars of his story.
We give this a 4 out of 5 = the Flu
1= clean bill of health
2= light cough
3= 24 hour bug
4= Flu

Pick up your copy on Itunes or below on Amazon

Flash Mob steals $20,000 in fashion merchandise in broad daylight

Thursday, April 28, 2011

@EAMaddenNFL Preview

Young Vell(@youngvell513)- My Life (official video)

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J-Skaytz(@HooligangSkaytz) - Take Me Home (Video)

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

@KarminMusic cover 6 Foot 7 Foot - Lil Wayne ft. Cory Gunz

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More videos on their YouTube

D-Mac (@imdmac) - My Will [Directed by @DREFILMS] (Produced By @Feb9)

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Peyton Hill a Madden Cover tournament Cinderella story?

The winner has been announced, and the unlikely candidate for the cover won, Cleavland Browns Peyton Hill. Make one wonder how people were voting, were they serious or was this a joke to them, or did people just want to give someone who originally would have never made it on the cover a chance. One can also look at the finals and think maybe a lot of people are still not as welcoming to Micheal Vick. As the final results were a 66% to 34% voting.

Trying to sell your beats online?

Want your own website to sell beats, without the headache of learning computer language and scripts. Take a look at the videos below.

whats next for @serenawilliams?

Seems Serena whats to do more then tackle the tennis world, next stop for her the booth. That's right, Serena now wants to become a rapper. It was reported that the tennis superstar was seen in a recording studio laying down some tracks. Under the wings of Minnesota Viking's star Bryant McKinnie, who owns a record label entitled B Major Music group. Other people that she is working with is DJ Clue, but don't get "hyped" yet, it still not a 100% sure if this is something she is doing for fun or if this is just something to play around with for fun.

How big is Jay-z and Beyonce?

Well apparently it is rumored that the two are suppose to perform at the Royal wedding after party. It is still a rumor because not even the Royal Family has admitted or denied this rumor. Very interesting choice, but seems when you are top you are on top.

Obama Birth Certificate

After so many people question whether or not our president was born in the USA, I guess it was time for him to silence his critics. Obama said the only reason he did this, was because it was basically becoming a distraction when it came to media questions. The media seem to ignore what was truly important and thought that this topic should over shadow other things. Guess the media keeps forgetting about the other countries looking in, as we bicker about our current leaders land of birth, other might take this as a time of weakness. I am not going say I like everything that is going on in the government and what the president has laid out on the table so far. But arguing over something like this, which I am sure he had to present before attempting to run, could back fire on us and we are the country caught with our guard down. Hopefully with this presented to the public, we can now focus on real issues at hand.

Monday, April 25, 2011

@beastieboys - Make Some Noise

@RyanKFilms presents @PrinceSammie and @CTheRockStar

As stated on Quarantine Radio, Ryan K Films is an up and coming video production team that has brought us music videos for  Star Camp artists(Sammie and Chaise).They are currently finalizing the edit of another Atlanta artist, soon to be released. If you are in the Atlanta area and want video quality, like the videos below, you can contact Jessica McKenzie on twitter @MzProducerLady for further information.

Also Ms. McKenzie has a database of of models that she showcases to artists when they come to her for video concepts, so models looking to get in videos like this may also contact her to be put in that database, male or female.



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@soujaboytem and @DiamondAtl dating?

Earlier this week I posted up that there was going be a remake of "Juice", and replacing Tupac was Souja Boy, come to find out that is not the only thing keeping him in the news now a days. Seems he is now hooking up with Lil Scrappy old girl Diamond. Or is that hooking up "Now" an understatement, it possible that these two been hooking up way before now, and even during the relationship between Diamond and Scrappy.
Scrappy moms was on a local ATL radio show stating that Scrappy is not even sweating this issue and calling Diamond all types of names. One can say that Souja is making an impact this week in a major way.

@anayadaffe - P Talk

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Woman arrested for biting off man private part

Mr. Hide your Kids Hide your wife arrested @antoinedodson24

So its reported that Mr. Dodson was arrested saturday morning in Alabama, for possession of marijuana. Also reported that he did not spend that much time in jail and was released shortly after.

Tity Boi ( @2chainz) - Goodnite VIDEO

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Derrick Rose Highlight reel done by @MrHeavyNDaGame

Follow Quarantine Radio's own @MrHeavyNDaGame creator of this reel. You can also get in depth coverage in the sports world from him.

Bobbi Kristina is addicted to Coke & friends with Montana Fishburne

People watch Bobby Brown beat his addictions on VH1's "Celebrity Fit Club". He dating someone new and has a new child on the way. Now him and his Ex Wife Whitney is watching their child Bobbi Kristina go down a path most parents do not want to see their child go down. First someone leaked out pictures of her sniffing coke. It is said that Whitney wanted to get her child in rehab and also take her away from the ATL crowd that got her involved with these type of activities. The Move was to L.A., but this move has gotten her involved with what one might say another bad decision.
Bobbi Kristina has become friends with another daughter of a famous person who brought shame to her family Montana Fishburne. Whitney has even overheard her daughter joking about doing a porno with her new friend.
After what seems from the outside world of two people getting their life together, to have these internal problems display to the public seems like a step back and a reminder of what they use to be.

@Nas Revisits Cassette Tapes Era

If you were part of this era, one thing most can do is relate to everything that Nas is saying in this documentary. The listening to the radio and recording your favorite song, to creating your own mixtape through different tapes you skim through, that is if you were lucky to have a double cassette player. Some might even had got upset when the DJ decided to cut the song short, and it was that one song that was rare to get air play at the time.
Can one look at the culture today and say this is something so pure that this generation is missing? As stated, we are in a digital era, no one has to worry about the tape strip popping out or getting tangled. Or when it does get tangled how it will play the song in reverse, this is when a person has to be careful and try to flip the strip back over with out cutting it, or that tape is lost forever. It is amazing the things that are missing and a person like Nas can just sit back and reflect on it. How many of you is looking at this piece reading this article and doing the same?

@GiovonniPratt - Afraid(Official Video)

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Friday, April 22, 2011

@SouljaBoy the next Tupac?

So they are remaking what most would call a legendary movie, "Juice", which stared Rap legend Tupac. A role most would think would be hard to match and follow. Seems like the people that have decided to recreate this masterpiece do not think it will be much of a challenge for Souljia Boy to recreat the Role of Bishop, which was played by Tupac.
Already this going stir up some headlines, the younger generation that probably do not know anything about Tupac or the original movie at that, are going go see it because of Soulija, but more then likely, the older generation is going be outraged that of all people, they chose him to play the role of Bishop and replace Pac at that. I am not going sit here and discredit Soulija, he might do a good job, don't know where his acting skills level off at, but judging the book by it cover, it is an insult to Tupac and the role of Bishop. I guess we can say, at least they didn't chose Bow Wow for the role. Honestly, at this point I don't know which one would of been worst.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bud Light best round ever contest

Bud Light is giving away $10,000,000 to one lucky fan that thinks they can get inside the heads of NFL GMs and coaches and know what they are going do through out the first round. But one of the catches to this contest is, a person has to like Bud Light FaceBook page. Seeing that I am a drinker, and do not want anyone confused that I might of went back to drinking, I decided not to enter the contest. And even when I did drink, I did not drink beer, so overall I would have not enter, but any NFL expert or guru, think they can beat the ODDs, here your chance to prove it...go to Bud Light FaceBook page. Click like, and your on your way to your chance of $10,000,000. Good luck to anyone who enters.

@F_R_A_T support shirts now available

You might of heard their song "Could Not Eat" on Quarantine Radio, if you want to support this NC based group even further, check out their line of clothing. To Contact them for future purchase, check out their Fan Page on FaceBook.

@Lyrikkal - Look At me Now Remix

@jtimberlake in the Movie "Friends With Benefit"

@PRODIGYMOBBDEEP talks about his run in with Jay-z

If you haven't heard, Prodigy of Mobb Deep Has a book out called My life. In it he speaks a lot about of coarse his life and interaction with other rappers. One of the most famous encounter was with Jay-Z. An action that Jay-z did during a Summer Jam concert that is still talked about till this day, but was at the account of Mobb Deep member Prodigy, where Jay-z displayed photos of the rapper that might discredit him in the eyes of other people.
In the book Prodigy talk about when he had the chance to come face to face with Mr. Carter, at P. Diddy's restaurant Justins, during it's after hour club segment. He describes the event which you can hear the audio here on where he goes in detail about the whole situation. But one thing that comes to mind when I think of this incident, is a subject we touched on in my Radio show Quarantine Radio, how you can see the maturity in some rappers as they squash beef that started over wax. Even though this beef was bout seem to be exulting to what most would say to a street beef, a hand shake and explanation solved both rappers problems.

Lauryn Hill Ready to Return to Music

With the battle between Lil Kim and Nikki Manji, one female emcee coming back out that would be a breath of fresh air would be Lauren hill. When you think of a female emcee that might could go head to head with one of her fellow male emcee, at the top of that list one should have Lauren Hill. She never need to be highly sexual like other females to sell, she spoke the truth and people respected her for it. In my opinion that is something that I feel the rap game is missing on the female side.
As for her hinting that she was pregnant, I really did not see it, and believe someone reading too much into something just to get a story. The real story is a respectable female rapper coming back out to rightfully take her spot.

Monday, April 18, 2011

And Then there was two for @EAMaddenNFL cover

Out of the two in the finals, one might of saw Micheal Vick making it, but who would of though Cleavland Browns RB Peyton Hill would be in the finals. With the fans voting on the players, seems that hill is more popular then most thought.

Place your vote for the finals here

@KanyeWest Surprise Entrance at Coachella 2011

Some might call Kanye West a creative genius, and he seems to out do himself every time he makes a beat or performs. In Southern California at the Coachella music festival, Kanye once again did something for everyone to talk about, when he enter the festival to perform. check out the picture and video above.

Will Racism ever die

Once again it is shown, even though we have a black man in the white house, it has not changed the mind frame of some citizens in the United States. An African American, after having a meal at a restaurant in Corona Del Mar, California, basically was told thanks for your money, but we do not like your kind on his receipt. Not in those exact words, but look at the image above and read between the lines.
Mr. Mchenry, the African American customer is said to have filed a lawsuit against the restaurant for their actions.

@keyshiacole - Take me away

Saturday, April 16, 2011

@MsNishay- Look At Me Now Female Version (She-Mix) Official Music Video

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Since 2005, if you have purchased @EAMaddenNFL, @EANCAAFootball, EA Arena Football.

If you purchased Madden NFL, NCAA Football, or Arena Football League between January 1, 2005 to the present, you may be a member of a class action lawsuit. Excluded from the class are purchasers of these games for play on mobile devices, persons who purchased directly from EA, and persons who purchased used copies of these games.


This Website Provides Information for Individuals who Purchased Certain Electronic Arts Brand Football Video Games Between January 1, 2005 and the Present.

You May Be a Class Member.

The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, Oakland Division has certified a class in a lawsuit alleging violations of California’s antitrust and consumer protection laws in connection with the sale of certain football video games (Case No. 08-cv-02820 CW).

Plaintiffs in the case are purchasers of Electronic Arts’ football video games, and they claim that Defendant Electronic Arts entered into a series of exclusive licenses with the National Football League (NFL), National Football League Players’ Association (NFLPA), National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA), and Arena Football League (AFL), which plaintiffs claim foreclosed competition in an alleged football video game market. Plaintiffs allege that this series of exclusive licenses caused customers who purchased certain football video games to be overcharged. Defendant Electronic Arts has denied any liability and all allegations of misconduct.

The certified class includes all persons who, during the period January 1, 2005 to the present, purchased the Madden NFL, NCAA Football, or Arena Football League brand video games published by Electronic Arts with a release date of January 1, 2005 to the present. Purchasers of software for mobile devices, persons purchasing directly from Electronic Arts, persons purchasing used copies of the relevant football video games, and Electronic Arts’ employees, officers, directors, legal representatives, and wholly or partly owned subsidiaries or affiliated companies are excluded from the class.

The Court has ordered that notice of the class certification be published and provided to potential class members, but the Court has not decided whether the Defendants did anything wrong, and the required notice is not an expression of any opinion by the Court about the merits of any of the claims or defenses asserted by any party to the litigation.

More detailed information about the class action and its potential effect on the rights of class members can be obtained by viewing the Court’s Order and the Long-Form Class Notice on this website.

Your Legal Rights and Options
Option Result
Remain A Class Member
If you want to remain a class member, you do not need to take any further action at this time. You will automatically remain a class member. (See below "What Happens If I Do Not Exclude Myself?")
If you remain a class member, you will be bound by the Court's rulings in the lawsuit, including any final Settlement or Judgment. However, you can object to or comment on any proposed Settlement, and you also have the right to appear in Court.
The Court has appointed Class Counsel to represent all class members. Class Counsel is obligated to protect and pursue the interests of all class members. There is no cost to you to be represented by Class Counsel. You can also hire your own attorney at your own cost.
In the event that there is a trial and a judgment on behalf of the class, Class Counsel will be entitled to seek reasonable attorneys' fees and reimbursement of expenses. Class Counsel will request an amount to be approved by the Court and in any case the amount of attorneys' fees will not exceed 25 percent of the recovery to the class, after reimbursement of expenses.
Exclude yourself:
If you do not want to be a class member, you must elect to opt out.
If you want to exclude yourself from the class, opt out, and keep your right to sue Defendant, you must take further action. (See below "How Do I Exclude Myself From the Class?")
To exclude yourself from the class, you must do so in writing or electronically via the Request Exclusion link above by June 25, 2011.
Any class member who excludes himself or herself from the class will not be eligible to share in any recovery or settlement of any kind in this action. You will, however, retain whatever legal rights you may have against Defendant with regard to the claims that are the subject of this litigation.

For the official website and more details click here 

@FrencHMonTanA Ft Mak Mustard "Good Kush" Dir./Edited By @MasarMasar

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and the director @MasarMasar

@AlvinGray "Senior Cut Day" The Movie teaser

Check out Alvin Gray up coming project "Senior Cut Day".

The Baltimore Photographer/Filmmaker has been featured on Maryland Morning, and has done videos for upcoming Bmore starts like @keys_theproblem and @PaulaCampbell.

"Senior cut" day takes place where 15 years ago the government of an overpopulating town of Sparksville sent its homeless to live in the woods on the outskirts of town. As a means of survival these forgotten souls began resorting to cannibalism, feeding on their own and unknowing passersby. Eventually, their existence becomes just a rumor and memory in the minds of those old enough to remember. But when a group of kids from the local high school decide to cut school and break down near those woods, their Senior Cut Day becomes more memorable than they could have ever imagined.

To keep posted you can 1) Follow Mr Gray on twitter @AlivnGray or go to the official site here

@LilTunechi wearing @SkyDigg4 jersey at a concert

Seems Skylar Diggins is a treading topic as of lately. From the allegedly nude photos of her appearing on the net, to Lil Wayne doing something most rappers would not do, and that wear a woman basketball jersey, which happens to be hers.
If you don't know of her, Skylar is the sophomore at Notre Dame that lead her team to the NCAA Women Championship, but fell short in the championship game. But lately the buzz around her has nothing to do with basketball at all. All of the recent transition has surrounded around twitter, where the College player had what most people would call a twitter romance with Rap star Lil Wayne, which some say is the cause of her followers on twitter jumping so high. Even during the cheered on his "Twitter wife" via Twitter. And above you can see his support for the potential WNBA star, by wearing her jersey.
Recently pictures were sent out of what looks like the college ball player, and as soon as she heard of these alleged picture, she address the situation Via twitter.

With the celebrity world filled with celebrities that seem to love to take nude photos of themselves, one would understand why Ms. Diggins had to address the situation. Question is do people believe her, or do people even care whether it's her or not. The image alone is a fantasy to any male groupie or stalker, but the true question is why would someone want to do this to an up coming star. The world is filled with people with too much time on their hands, and ruining someone's life and character is how they pass it. Hopefully this situation will not damage the image that some hold of Diggins at the moment.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Kobe Bryant Targeted by Gay right groups

It seems that the Gay right groups want to make an example of a popular celebrity/Athletes, in the heat of the situation that happen in the above video, Kobe Bryant leashed out her anger on the Ref and called him a faggot. Like most humans that get upset, name calling begins, whether or not the person is what you are calling them. So is this situation being blown out for what it is not. But it was reported that the Human Rights Campaign had this to say about Kobe.

“Hopefully Mr. Bryant will recognize that as a person with such fame and influence, the use of such language not only offends millions of LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender] people around the world, but also perpetuates a culture of discrimination and hate that all of us, most notably Mr. Bryant, should be working to eradicate.”

So is this them being trying to take advantage of the situation, or them really being concern about Mr. Bryant's actions.

@TEYANATAYLOR fights for @chrisbrown

TMZ reported that Ms Taylor was at the Burbank Recording Studio, when a girl made some comments about her friend Chris Brown that apparently she did not like. The remarks were followed by a punch and kick to the head, along with a kick to the stomach. Teyana was said to have exited the premises by the times the cops arrived to the studio.

@ALadyNamedPearl - "Jungle Love"

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Quarantine Radio Greatest Rapper Tournament winner is Tupac

@therealstylesp - It's Over (Official Video)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Where is @Oprah Loyalty?

A couple years ago, Oprah was Obama biggest supporter. Now that Mr. President is facing a lot of heat and people lashing out at him because of the current state of the Government, it seems Ms. Winfrey cannot afford to be there for her friend. Lately it seems that Oprah is not as popular as she was before, and is starting her new network. Trying to regroup and pull in more viewers, she is afraid of supporting Obama at the time, because she is afraid of miss the opportunity of receiving new potential viewers. Is this action understandable, or a disgrace on the behalf of Ms. Winfrey.

@tonibraxton and her sister have a new reality show Braxton Family Values!

WE tv is planning to bring the new reality TV show starring Toni Braxton and her family. Above is a sneak peak of what the show is possible going bring. Does it look like a hit, or just another reality show that is clogging up the airwaves. She more of the show here on their website. The excitement begins April, 12th at 9 o clock eastern.

@ciara only African American to place in People top 25 Beauties.

Despite all the controversy that surrounds her, being dropped from her label, beef with Rihanna over twitter, Ciara finds herself in a league of her own. This year, The R&B singer is the only African American to place in top 25 Beauties. She placed at #23, so congratulation the the R&B Singer on this accomplishment.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Quarantine Radio Greatest Rapper Tournament Championship ROUND


@TheRussParr new movie 35 & Ticking Movie Trailer


Song as featured on Quarantine Radio

Rhianna doesn't want to be a second hand

As many know by now, Beyonce has dropped her business relationship with her father, and it seems she now part of Roc Nation. This news did not sit too well with Rhianna, seems she feels now there will be a conflict of interest when it comes to Mr. Carter making decisions between the two, and she does not want to be involved with that drama. It is said that she is going drop Jay-z as her manager.

The Hangover Part II Trailer to mature for pg-13 rating?

I posted this trailer up before, Originally it is said that the director did not like it because it was to pg-13 and did not fully give people a full understanding of the movie. But seems that it was more then a PG-13 rating. And because of this mistake, Warner Brother had the trailer pulled from theater as soon as possible. They explained that, in rush of promoting the they failed to review the material, and apologized.
I honestly did not find anything offensive, but according to the PG-13 guide lines, the only conclusion that can be drawn is the language displayed in the trailer. But take a look at the trailer for yourself and you be the judge.

Monday, April 4, 2011

@mikethemiz - Hate Me Now (From the Real world to WWE Champion)

When it comes to hard work and dedication, WWE's superstar The Miz shows exactly that. As people watched him on MTV's the real world, even back then one could see his love and passion for the WWE. Now being able to see himself in the WWE and the Champion, last night presentation before his entrance, I felt summed all that all, from the clips to the song choice. Great presentation, the video above is not the whole presentation, but it was the best quality I could find. The beginning shows The Miz when he was on The Real World to WWE Tough Enough to WWE and becoming Champion. Even if a person does not respect him as a person, they have to respect his determination and work effort to get to where he is now.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

@drakkardnoir no longer Young Money?

Stories are surfacing that not only did Drake have an argument with Wayne this time, but also Baby. Since the release of Wayne, stories have been popping left and right about the tension between Wayne and Drake. Could this be another episode like 50 Cent and The Game, where it seems student is starting to out shine the teacher, and jealousy and envy is settling in the camp.
Well the story is said that Drake has been upset about his current money situation with Young Money, and that he feels the camp would be nothing without him. With those statements said, it is rumored that Wayne wants to prove Drake wrong, and gave him his walking papers. With the face of Young Money right now being Lil Wayne, Nikki, and Drake, can they still stand strong minus Drake from the equation. They have some other talents on the roster, but none of them have been producing hits. So only time will tell if this story is true, and if so will Young Money be able to with stand this current blow.

Everything Must Go Trailer 2011

@katyperry feat @kanyewest E.T.

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Hangover Part II - Trailer

With the success of the first movie. Can they top that success, already viewing the trailer, one can see that they could possible match the success and possible double it too. Memorial day weekend, I see myself going to see this movie.

#JustSad 1stLady (Female Rap Group From Atlanta) - Im Selling Pussy

Honestly I hope this is a joke, but if it isn't, where is the rap game heading, when people like this can go in the studio and create music like this. I really hope this is a joke. It is said this a a rap group out of the ATL and all of them are under the age of 20 years old.