Saturday, April 2, 2011

@drakkardnoir no longer Young Money?

Stories are surfacing that not only did Drake have an argument with Wayne this time, but also Baby. Since the release of Wayne, stories have been popping left and right about the tension between Wayne and Drake. Could this be another episode like 50 Cent and The Game, where it seems student is starting to out shine the teacher, and jealousy and envy is settling in the camp.
Well the story is said that Drake has been upset about his current money situation with Young Money, and that he feels the camp would be nothing without him. With those statements said, it is rumored that Wayne wants to prove Drake wrong, and gave him his walking papers. With the face of Young Money right now being Lil Wayne, Nikki, and Drake, can they still stand strong minus Drake from the equation. They have some other talents on the roster, but none of them have been producing hits. So only time will tell if this story is true, and if so will Young Money be able to with stand this current blow.

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