Saturday, April 23, 2011

@Nas Revisits Cassette Tapes Era

If you were part of this era, one thing most can do is relate to everything that Nas is saying in this documentary. The listening to the radio and recording your favorite song, to creating your own mixtape through different tapes you skim through, that is if you were lucky to have a double cassette player. Some might even had got upset when the DJ decided to cut the song short, and it was that one song that was rare to get air play at the time.
Can one look at the culture today and say this is something so pure that this generation is missing? As stated, we are in a digital era, no one has to worry about the tape strip popping out or getting tangled. Or when it does get tangled how it will play the song in reverse, this is when a person has to be careful and try to flip the strip back over with out cutting it, or that tape is lost forever. It is amazing the things that are missing and a person like Nas can just sit back and reflect on it. How many of you is looking at this piece reading this article and doing the same?

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