Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Obama Birth Certificate

After so many people question whether or not our president was born in the USA, I guess it was time for him to silence his critics. Obama said the only reason he did this, was because it was basically becoming a distraction when it came to media questions. The media seem to ignore what was truly important and thought that this topic should over shadow other things. Guess the media keeps forgetting about the other countries looking in, as we bicker about our current leaders land of birth, other might take this as a time of weakness. I am not going say I like everything that is going on in the government and what the president has laid out on the table so far. But arguing over something like this, which I am sure he had to present before attempting to run, could back fire on us and we are the country caught with our guard down. Hopefully with this presented to the public, we can now focus on real issues at hand.

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