Friday, April 22, 2011

@SouljaBoy the next Tupac?

So they are remaking what most would call a legendary movie, "Juice", which stared Rap legend Tupac. A role most would think would be hard to match and follow. Seems like the people that have decided to recreate this masterpiece do not think it will be much of a challenge for Souljia Boy to recreat the Role of Bishop, which was played by Tupac.
Already this going stir up some headlines, the younger generation that probably do not know anything about Tupac or the original movie at that, are going go see it because of Soulija, but more then likely, the older generation is going be outraged that of all people, they chose him to play the role of Bishop and replace Pac at that. I am not going sit here and discredit Soulija, he might do a good job, don't know where his acting skills level off at, but judging the book by it cover, it is an insult to Tupac and the role of Bishop. I guess we can say, at least they didn't chose Bow Wow for the role. Honestly, at this point I don't know which one would of been worst.

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