Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bobbi Kristina is addicted to Coke & friends with Montana Fishburne

People watch Bobby Brown beat his addictions on VH1's "Celebrity Fit Club". He dating someone new and has a new child on the way. Now him and his Ex Wife Whitney is watching their child Bobbi Kristina go down a path most parents do not want to see their child go down. First someone leaked out pictures of her sniffing coke. It is said that Whitney wanted to get her child in rehab and also take her away from the ATL crowd that got her involved with these type of activities. The Move was to L.A., but this move has gotten her involved with what one might say another bad decision.
Bobbi Kristina has become friends with another daughter of a famous person who brought shame to her family Montana Fishburne. Whitney has even overheard her daughter joking about doing a porno with her new friend.
After what seems from the outside world of two people getting their life together, to have these internal problems display to the public seems like a step back and a reminder of what they use to be.

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