Friday, February 25, 2011

UK Female Rapper Mz Bratt - Get Dark...Is the female rappers overseas more talented then the ones we have in the states

This is actually the third female rapper I've heard from over seas, mainly in the UK. All three of them were better then the female rappers we have out now, in the US. All of them had raw talent with no trace of a gimmick in their rap style. Why is it that the females overseas are better then the ones we have over here? Why is it they can be their selves and get respect, and female rappers that are out in the public eye now, seem like they are putting out musical pornos with no creativity? Who fault is it that these type of females are making it in the mainstream and getting all the attention, when we have female rappers that are spitting that raw and real hip hop? The image that is being presented in the industry, is it really a representation of what is real. The main female rapper out right now is calling herself a barbie, and is rumored to have a lot of fake accessories to go along with that title. But she says it does not matter because her money is real. Once again is that the image we really want to associate ourselves with? It is said, the love of money is the root of evil, but we continue to put out the image that it is the only thing that really matters in the world. Its alright to be fake, as long as you have money.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dr. Dre - "I need a Doctor" World Premier

Black America by @TiJeanOnline and my thoughts on the Black community

I came across this track and found it very interesting, even though we have a Black President, the same "Black America" is carrying on. Most the times it us hating each other that is ruining our community. One might say we have accomplished a lot getting a black man in the White House. But what have we accomplished in our communities. We still killing ourselves more the other races are. One might think see a black man in the office would bring unity, but it hasn't.

The picture above shows Southern University students moaning the death of not one but two students that were killed in the past three days. Higher education is suppose to be a privilege, but now a days it getting scarier and scarier thinking bout even attending a traditional college. And as a black person, most want to take advantage of attending a HBCU. We should not be walking the streets fearing our own people. How can we talk about other races when we cannot even join together in union? Hate and jealousy is an ugly trait, and I don't want to get religious but also a sin. Which I talk about on my other Blog site. But these are the deadliest diseases running through our community, and most people are in denial about it. Most the time the reason for the hate and jealousy is stupid. And the results is sometimes death of an innocent person. A conflict that could of been resolved other ways or with other methods. We as people, need to step back and actually look at ourselves and realize we are the ones killing and hurting ourselves. And just because we have someone in the White House that looks like us, we are not helping him by still carrying on like we were before he was there. It is time to take Obama campaign slogan seriously and find a change in all aspects. Not just with the government, but within ourselves as well.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Quarantine Radio Promo Trailer

Does Rihanna have Bieber Fever

I guess after having an impressive and shocking performance All-Star weekend, and taking the MVP trophy home, Mr. Bieber was feeling real confident. As seen in the picture above, he found himself sitting next to Rhianna. Bieber stated that he asked her out and she told him, he was to young. Guess this young romeo cannot win them all, but you cannot blame the guy for trying.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

@OfficialDragOn "What Da Blood Clot" Ft. @KNSThaEngineer

Kim prove she did not lie or is this another stunt

Maybe Kim still has some loyal fans, I dont know. All I know, is that her last album did not sell that well, now we are suppose to believe she sold 113,000 copies off a mixtape, which mixtapes are usually FREE. Personally I would not even buy the CD off of curiosity, even if it only cost a penny to buy. Like I have stated before, at first I was like, Kim is right, Nicki is bitting her style. In my opinion not much of a style to bite, have not been a fan since "Hardcore". People like her other stuff, but I was just not a fan for many reason, and still believe there are other female rappers that deserve the title of queen of hip hop. Do not even believe Nicki deserve that title either. She hot right now, for whatever reason, but if some other female rappers had the right backing, I think they would be able to humble Ms. Manij in the worst way. I have little gained respect for her, after listening to her album, but not enough to say she deserve the title of best female rapper ever.
As for Kim, this display she is displaying is sad. I hope this plaque she is holding in this picture is real. And if it is, I really want a person who bought this mixtape to give me some real feedback on it. I will say it again, Kim is a veteran, she should not be leaching off a new comer to rebuild her career.

@Carlmajor brings you NCUMA 2011

Being from North Carolina, I actually went to the first two Underground Music Awards. Both times was a humbling experiences, seeing talent all across NC that I did not know about before hand. It's good to see that this event is still going strong, and I encourage any up and coming artist in the NC area to go and network. Even if your not up for award, its a good experience to see whats type of music is going on in your state, underground wise. It can also be a motivational tool.

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@RayJ talks bout letting a girl cum first

In the video Ray J mentions he is satisfied, if a girl cums and he does not. I am the same way, and thought it was an interesting topic. You have a lot of guys that are just about getting theirs, and I am a person that if I cum and the girl does not, I feel like I cheated the girl out of a good time, or I did not do my job. If a girl does cum and I dont, meaning if she cums and she tired, I am actually good and do not mind stopping.
A lot of other guys probably will not feel that way, and I am not saying, feel that way bout every girl you are with, because they have been girls that I actually came first on and did not care, cause I was not enjoying myself and did not actually care if she did or did not. But when I am with someone special, the main goal is pleasing her, especially if you dealing with a girl that says they never had an orgasm. It to know that you were the first to provide that feeling, but like I said, in the bedroom you have a lot of selfish men, and it rare that you might find a star like Ray J talking like this.
Now the other thing he said in this video is, that he create stars he does not hang with them. A lot of people do not give him his due. Many people only look at him as Brandy's brother. But I honestly feel that he has stepped out of the shadow of his sister. Now the people that also agree with that, think he only did that when the sex tape leaked. Why is it in this society, some people will never get their due, if they have a sibling that happen to make it big before them. They will always be looked at, they only where, they are because of brother/sister. Which means that person has to work twice as hard just t0 prove themselves to the public. and overall I believe that he has done that. But that is just my opinion.

@prezimpostors newest video...and my thoughts on him

Now some might look at this as another typical gimmick, and even though, I am one that usually does not support gimmick, through out the year, these videos show a lot of creativity. His comedy, has turned a lot of todays songs and mixed them with situation our President has to deal with on a day to day bases. So this can be looked at in both ways, a serious aspect and a funny one. But at the same times it promotes him in the comedy world.
His site has many comedy skits, but it seems his music videos are the ones that gets him the most attention. If one check out his youtube channel, looking into his talents and noticing his impersonations go further then just Obama. Over all one can see that he is a very talented individual, and shows great charisma. His future could be a comedy series on the television or a movie.

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@Ed_E_Ruger In my own zone

In My Own Zone by ederuger

Ed E Ruger has a nice smooth flow, love the track "In My Own Zone". Has a nice old school feel to it with a twist of creativity. If you feel the same check out his whole album out "Ziplocked and Loaded"

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@SnoopDogg & @TheGame "Purp & Yellow LA Leakers SKEETOX Remix" Music Video O...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

@KanyeWest Feat @Rihanna "All of the Lights" World Premieres Music Video

@SnypLuciano Ft. Young Bliss B.M.F Freestyle Video (HD)

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@RealPriceless - Respect - (Hood Video)

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Nelly and Ashanti relationship to be revealed on Vh1's "Behind the Music"

I am not going reveal my sources on this subject, But even though they been tip toeing around the subject, I knew the whole truth. Nelly is going be in the VH1's documentary show "Behind the Music", and I dont all all the details that he will be revealing, but is it anyone else's business what their relationship was or is. Yes they are entertainers, but do they not deserve their privacy too. They are some entertainers who can outlast the spotlight on their relationship and actually last, and they are some that actually break down because of all the attention they receive, and the false rumors, and the built up emotions that leads to trust issues.

A camera man could take a picture of one of the halves of the couple touching a person of the opposite sex, maybe asking them to move to the side so they can pass. What the media will see is, this must be the thing thing on the side, and it gets blown up out of content. The media can kiss a relationship in a heartbeat. It is like they do not like to see other people happy, they are about greed and getting that big story so they can get paid. Other people lives are not part of their concerns, and it should be. Media should care about another person relationship the same way they want someone to care bout theirs. But they don't, its about them and only them. We live in a selfish world, and I don't blame any entertainer for trying to hide their relationship from the public.

So as Nelly reveals what is, or whats not, and people feel betrayed because they did not know, and forget that they do not know the person personally and it should not matter to them. Take a look back at your life and wonder, how would you like your world to be viewed.

Lil Mama Jumps On Stage While The Game P...

I actually do not know what to say about this display. Once again Lil Mama takes it upon herself to interact with another entertainer while they perform. I Do not know if she is that desperate for attention, or is she really feels she is that big of a star. You can see in the video The Game tries his hardest not to laugh and continue to perform, but this is just a shame. This is the type of actions that can just bury a person career, and its the second time. You would think a person would learn from this type of mistake the first time they did it. And they first time was on live broad casted TV, that got a lot of backlash.

For example, after Kanye did what he did, you didn't see him attempt to do the same mistake again. Some people applauded him for doing it, and some people was disgust. But with Lil Mama, everyone was disgusted by these actions. Which actually killed her career that was already hanging by a thread. From the video it seem this was a low key performance, maybe at a club or something, but still, this is the new age of technology, she had to have known someone was going to have the video of this. Really, what was she trying to prove, and how much did she accomplish but to have people most likely rolls their eyes and think here goes this crazy chick again. When you are an entertainer, everything you do is magnified, think about your actions.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Is Lil Kim trying to hard pt 2

The video you see, it is alright, but as I stated before this move can either help or destroy a veterans career. In the song above, I actually feels that Kim won that round. As for the mixtape, which I found out you have to buy, and I have no intention of buying it to review it. The link below actually touches more on that subject, but as I was saying this type of move can destroy a person career, and if Nicki Manji really wanted to, Kim just gave her a lot of ammo for this "war".

Now I stated yesterday that its rumored that the mixtape generated over a million dollars in sales. After getting amazingly getting "Five Mic" on her last album that flopped, to me this seemed unbelievable, and in the eyes a lot of other people was the same. The link at the bottom of this post goes into more details on the situation. But it seems Kim lied about this great accomplishment, plus made it very difficult to obtain this "amazing" mixtape that she has produced with the main objective of ruining Nicki Manji career. But it seems this whole situation might have her digging a deeper grave for her career, and what ever respect she had with people will eventually vanish. Now if anyone actually get the chance to get a hold of this mixtape, let me know how it is. I wouldn't say that Lil Kim left the game on top, but coming back into the game like this, in an unnecessary way, just does not look good for her as a person and a rapper.

Lil Kim Says "Black Friday" Mixtape Sold 113k Copies

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

@RealPriceless Ft. Shay - Aint A Price On Me

I did a review on this artist before, if you enjoy that mixtape, her new track "Aint a Price on Me" has showed a lot of improvement in her lyrical skills. I see nothing but great things for this artist as she tries to invade a field that is hard to dominate. That is the female side of the music industry. The female side lacks a lot of creativity and originality, most of the ones that make it, make it off of gimmicks. Its good to see a breed of female emcees that are taking another route.

Love the vibe of the track and the confidence in the rapper throughout the track. She shows a lot of charisma, and seems to have the right formula for this game.

Choose The Cover Of Rolling Stone: @MUFFMOMMY

So I came across this artist Muffy from Atlanta, Ga, very unique style and creative. That is what I like most about artists, when the can step out of the usual and express who they are through their music, without being what the industry wants an artist to me. That exactly what I heard when I listen to her music.

There is a contest with Rolling Stone, where they have 15 unsigned musicians to compete for the chance to be on the cover of Rolling stone. Muffy has enter this contest or one can say tournament that has four rounds for the artist to go through.

The first round involves the public voting on the artist, so I encourage people to check out the link, listen to her music and vote. You can also follow her on twitter at


Billionaire Bux - Fire Flame Freestyle

Is Kim trying to hard

I have never been a Lil Kim fan, in my opinion her only good album was "Hardcore". I could go in more detail why I was not a fan, but it really does not matter. When Nicki Minaji came I felt her rap style was creative but her image was not. I actually looked at her as a carbon copy of Lil Kim in many ways. Basically another female rapper with a gimmick, and me being the type of person that really wants to see a real female lyricist, I just could not support her.

When Lil Kim started taking shots at her, I could agree with the points she was making, but at the same time I still did not see Lil Kim as a threat to her. People never really notice when someone is being fake to begin with when it comes to music, and it sad. You have a bunch of bandwagon listeners in the industry, which clouds up the airwaves with a bunch of garbage music, and real musicians can't get in.

Now I have not listen to the Black Friday mixtape yet, but just looking at the cover, my only question is why is Lil Kim even still going on with this beef. You look at Veteran male rappers like Nas and Jay-z, You look at rappers who have taken shots at them. You hear one or two lines that might dead the beef and they move on. Lil Kim is a veteran and should not even being wasting her time. I understand that she said she felt YMCM screwed her in the beginning, But what happen to just letting real recognize real. A whole mixtape dissing someone, then a cover beheading the person, can either ruin your career and have people look at your differently, like most supporters of Kim at the start of this beef are doing. Or aide a come back, but the question is why is she so desperate for a come back is a question, and why is she basing this come back off the strength of beefing with a new come rappers. Now they say the mixtape has generated over a million in sales. But look at what she had to do, this is a gimmick a new rapper would use to promote them self, why is a vet doing this. That is how I look at this whole situation. When I actually listen to the mixtape, I will then give feedback if I though this attack was worth it.

Another Atlanta #beatbattle hosted by @ATLBEATBATTLE

Any producer or beat maker in the Atlanta area should check this battle out. Good for networking and exposure. Just click the link for more details.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

FOX Broadcasting Company - The X Factor USA - Simon Cowell's Brand New Singing Competition Comes To America Only On FOX

FOX Broadcasting Company - The X Factor USA - Simon Cowell's Brand New Singing Competition Comes To America Only On FOX

So Simon Cowell is starting a new singing competition that is not just limited to just solo acts. This seems very interesting and could replace the thought of American Idol. Seeing that the video says that there will be many different categories, plus the reward is a record deal and $5 million dollars. I for one believe this would be another great opportunity for anyone trying to break into the music industry. Not just someone who is trying to break in as a solo act, but also those who are in a group and want a chance. This is a very good twist.