Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Is Kim trying to hard

I have never been a Lil Kim fan, in my opinion her only good album was "Hardcore". I could go in more detail why I was not a fan, but it really does not matter. When Nicki Minaji came I felt her rap style was creative but her image was not. I actually looked at her as a carbon copy of Lil Kim in many ways. Basically another female rapper with a gimmick, and me being the type of person that really wants to see a real female lyricist, I just could not support her.

When Lil Kim started taking shots at her, I could agree with the points she was making, but at the same time I still did not see Lil Kim as a threat to her. People never really notice when someone is being fake to begin with when it comes to music, and it sad. You have a bunch of bandwagon listeners in the industry, which clouds up the airwaves with a bunch of garbage music, and real musicians can't get in.

Now I have not listen to the Black Friday mixtape yet, but just looking at the cover, my only question is why is Lil Kim even still going on with this beef. You look at Veteran male rappers like Nas and Jay-z, You look at rappers who have taken shots at them. You hear one or two lines that might dead the beef and they move on. Lil Kim is a veteran and should not even being wasting her time. I understand that she said she felt YMCM screwed her in the beginning, But what happen to just letting real recognize real. A whole mixtape dissing someone, then a cover beheading the person, can either ruin your career and have people look at your differently, like most supporters of Kim at the start of this beef are doing. Or aide a come back, but the question is why is she so desperate for a come back is a question, and why is she basing this come back off the strength of beefing with a new come rappers. Now they say the mixtape has generated over a million in sales. But look at what she had to do, this is a gimmick a new rapper would use to promote them self, why is a vet doing this. That is how I look at this whole situation. When I actually listen to the mixtape, I will then give feedback if I though this attack was worth it.

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