Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lil Mama Jumps On Stage While The Game P...

I actually do not know what to say about this display. Once again Lil Mama takes it upon herself to interact with another entertainer while they perform. I Do not know if she is that desperate for attention, or is she really feels she is that big of a star. You can see in the video The Game tries his hardest not to laugh and continue to perform, but this is just a shame. This is the type of actions that can just bury a person career, and its the second time. You would think a person would learn from this type of mistake the first time they did it. And they first time was on live broad casted TV, that got a lot of backlash.

For example, after Kanye did what he did, you didn't see him attempt to do the same mistake again. Some people applauded him for doing it, and some people was disgust. But with Lil Mama, everyone was disgusted by these actions. Which actually killed her career that was already hanging by a thread. From the video it seem this was a low key performance, maybe at a club or something, but still, this is the new age of technology, she had to have known someone was going to have the video of this. Really, what was she trying to prove, and how much did she accomplish but to have people most likely rolls their eyes and think here goes this crazy chick again. When you are an entertainer, everything you do is magnified, think about your actions.

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