Tuesday, February 22, 2011

@prezimpostors newest video...and my thoughts on him

Now some might look at this as another typical gimmick, and even though, I am one that usually does not support gimmick, through out the year, these videos show a lot of creativity. His comedy, has turned a lot of todays songs and mixed them with situation our President has to deal with on a day to day bases. So this can be looked at in both ways, a serious aspect and a funny one. But at the same times it promotes him in the comedy world.
His site has many comedy skits, but it seems his music videos are the ones that gets him the most attention. If one check out his youtube channel, looking into his talents and noticing his impersonations go further then just Obama. Over all one can see that he is a very talented individual, and shows great charisma. His future could be a comedy series on the television or a movie.

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