Thursday, February 17, 2011

Is Lil Kim trying to hard pt 2

The video you see, it is alright, but as I stated before this move can either help or destroy a veterans career. In the song above, I actually feels that Kim won that round. As for the mixtape, which I found out you have to buy, and I have no intention of buying it to review it. The link below actually touches more on that subject, but as I was saying this type of move can destroy a person career, and if Nicki Manji really wanted to, Kim just gave her a lot of ammo for this "war".

Now I stated yesterday that its rumored that the mixtape generated over a million dollars in sales. After getting amazingly getting "Five Mic" on her last album that flopped, to me this seemed unbelievable, and in the eyes a lot of other people was the same. The link at the bottom of this post goes into more details on the situation. But it seems Kim lied about this great accomplishment, plus made it very difficult to obtain this "amazing" mixtape that she has produced with the main objective of ruining Nicki Manji career. But it seems this whole situation might have her digging a deeper grave for her career, and what ever respect she had with people will eventually vanish. Now if anyone actually get the chance to get a hold of this mixtape, let me know how it is. I wouldn't say that Lil Kim left the game on top, but coming back into the game like this, in an unnecessary way, just does not look good for her as a person and a rapper.

Lil Kim Says "Black Friday" Mixtape Sold 113k Copies

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