Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kim prove she did not lie or is this another stunt

Maybe Kim still has some loyal fans, I dont know. All I know, is that her last album did not sell that well, now we are suppose to believe she sold 113,000 copies off a mixtape, which mixtapes are usually FREE. Personally I would not even buy the CD off of curiosity, even if it only cost a penny to buy. Like I have stated before, at first I was like, Kim is right, Nicki is bitting her style. In my opinion not much of a style to bite, have not been a fan since "Hardcore". People like her other stuff, but I was just not a fan for many reason, and still believe there are other female rappers that deserve the title of queen of hip hop. Do not even believe Nicki deserve that title either. She hot right now, for whatever reason, but if some other female rappers had the right backing, I think they would be able to humble Ms. Manij in the worst way. I have little gained respect for her, after listening to her album, but not enough to say she deserve the title of best female rapper ever.
As for Kim, this display she is displaying is sad. I hope this plaque she is holding in this picture is real. And if it is, I really want a person who bought this mixtape to give me some real feedback on it. I will say it again, Kim is a veteran, she should not be leaching off a new comer to rebuild her career.

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