Tuesday, February 22, 2011

@RayJ talks bout letting a girl cum first

In the video Ray J mentions he is satisfied, if a girl cums and he does not. I am the same way, and thought it was an interesting topic. You have a lot of guys that are just about getting theirs, and I am a person that if I cum and the girl does not, I feel like I cheated the girl out of a good time, or I did not do my job. If a girl does cum and I dont, meaning if she cums and she tired, I am actually good and do not mind stopping.
A lot of other guys probably will not feel that way, and I am not saying, feel that way bout every girl you are with, because they have been girls that I actually came first on and did not care, cause I was not enjoying myself and did not actually care if she did or did not. But when I am with someone special, the main goal is pleasing her, especially if you dealing with a girl that says they never had an orgasm. It to know that you were the first to provide that feeling, but like I said, in the bedroom you have a lot of selfish men, and it rare that you might find a star like Ray J talking like this.
Now the other thing he said in this video is, that he create stars he does not hang with them. A lot of people do not give him his due. Many people only look at him as Brandy's brother. But I honestly feel that he has stepped out of the shadow of his sister. Now the people that also agree with that, think he only did that when the sex tape leaked. Why is it in this society, some people will never get their due, if they have a sibling that happen to make it big before them. They will always be looked at, they only where, they are because of brother/sister. Which means that person has to work twice as hard just t0 prove themselves to the public. and overall I believe that he has done that. But that is just my opinion.

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