Saturday, February 19, 2011

Nelly and Ashanti relationship to be revealed on Vh1's "Behind the Music"

I am not going reveal my sources on this subject, But even though they been tip toeing around the subject, I knew the whole truth. Nelly is going be in the VH1's documentary show "Behind the Music", and I dont all all the details that he will be revealing, but is it anyone else's business what their relationship was or is. Yes they are entertainers, but do they not deserve their privacy too. They are some entertainers who can outlast the spotlight on their relationship and actually last, and they are some that actually break down because of all the attention they receive, and the false rumors, and the built up emotions that leads to trust issues.

A camera man could take a picture of one of the halves of the couple touching a person of the opposite sex, maybe asking them to move to the side so they can pass. What the media will see is, this must be the thing thing on the side, and it gets blown up out of content. The media can kiss a relationship in a heartbeat. It is like they do not like to see other people happy, they are about greed and getting that big story so they can get paid. Other people lives are not part of their concerns, and it should be. Media should care about another person relationship the same way they want someone to care bout theirs. But they don't, its about them and only them. We live in a selfish world, and I don't blame any entertainer for trying to hide their relationship from the public.

So as Nelly reveals what is, or whats not, and people feel betrayed because they did not know, and forget that they do not know the person personally and it should not matter to them. Take a look back at your life and wonder, how would you like your world to be viewed.

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