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Kanye West - Mercy feat Big Sean, Pusha T, 2 Chains

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Diddy's Son EARNS football scholarship

Usually when a young athlete has worked hard in their sport along with in the classroom, they are applauded when they earn a scholarship. It is a great accomplishment that should be receive great acceptance from people, current students of the university, and alumni. In my opinion these people should be grateful to snag a great player of such caliber. That does not seem like the case when you are the son of man who is worth over 55 million dollars.  Question is should this make a difference.
Sean "Diddy" Comb is reported to be worth over 55 million dollar,s and in this case his son is the won who is the great athlete that has excelled also in the classroom. Before people applaud his achievement they start talking about this kid is robbing the school of money he does not need. As stated before they feel his father should pay for his education with no hesitation. Interesting, what happen to kids learning how to live own their own and discovering their own path in life. When did it become a good thing for kids to live off their parents and never know how to stand and walk on their own. This kid was not given this scholarship because of his namesake, he earned it. The people who are upset about his accomplishments should really be ashamed of themselves and should be encouraging this kid  along with being proud he is not trying to leech off his dad to progress in life.
The real question is why are these people mad? It is not their money that is being used to pay for this kids scholarship. The other question is could this be because of his race, or could it be because of who his father is and maybe many people do not like his father's lifestyle. Either way people are making a big deal out of nothing. If he was going to school off of Government grants, maybe then people should be outraged that he is taking unnecessary money from us.

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@Breeze_Raw - I Do It [Official Music Video]

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@GUCEWORLD - Born 2 Win

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Lil Wayne denied access to game

So Thursday it was proven that not every celebrity get special privileges. Lil Wayne tried to watch the game and was denied access into the arena. After these events happen he went straight to twitter to let his loyal fans know

Question is why was he denied, and the answer was he had no tickets. WHAT?!?!?!?!? Lil Wayne cannot get into an event with no ticket, what an outrage. That was sarcasm and I cannot believe that he forgot he is a regular person and that the NBA is a business. With the success of the Thunders season and them being in the playoffs, how could one person believe there would be great available seats no matter who you are. In some situation one has to be reasonable and him tweeting right after these events had happen like he was done wrong, was kind of childish. Sounded like a little kid that could not get the toy he wanted for Christmas. Business is business and Lil Wayne being at the Thunder game does not bring in business, the NBA players bring in business. It looks like some people just have to brought back into reality.

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@Drake was told by ‏@boonepickens a Million is nothing

Seems now a days making a million should not be a goal one should have and should not brag about, the goal should be a billion. Seems reasonable and logically to have the goal not reached by many.

@BIGSINNC.- Betta Late Than Neva (OFFICIAL VIDEO 2012)

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@BettieGrind | Mr. Famous | Official Video

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Interview with Quarantine Radio

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@Cstylesturner - Watching You (Official Video) **2012 Flow** Sept 2nd

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@DemBoyz_Music - 2X (Two Times)

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DemBoyz Presents: Real Recognize Real

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@JRel911 "Rel Road" Trailer

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Courage & Determination by @littlelizziev

After looking at the video it brought to mind two things, 1) you can not judge a book by it cover and 2) If one focus on their selves they can overcome any obstacle.
in today society it is easy for people to judge another person without getting to know them and one might say that it is human nature to do this. But is it really human nature or is it that the media programs our minds to think a certain way. Most people say things or do things with out thinking bout how it will affect another person. They say words are harmless vocal tool, but at times it can be one of the most deadliest weapons. Some words can kill a person mentally and at times destroy their will to live.
With that said, looking at this video and how this girl was humiliated publicly, which seems the creator wanted to entertain and poke fun at this girl. Even though it was not immanently, she proved that planned had backed fired by not letting the video get to her and overcoming all odds.
This video should be a motivational tool for anyone that might not have the highest self esteem or at the time does not see a positive out look in life. With a dedicated mind frame, anyone can accomplish anything they set their mind to. I do not want to get too religious but the bible says you reap what you sow, meaning whatever work you put into the world, expect it in return. So hard work does pay off if you put the effort into it.

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@TheYardTV - 2 Chainz Ziploc Challenge

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Did Nas take in consideration Destiny's feelings?


    First off let me say that Nas is my favorite rapper of all time. I always appreciate his mind set and the way he delivers a track. In my opinion he touches subjects other rappers are scared to and through out the years has been in his own category in the hip hop domain.
     Now listening to the tracks "Daughters", Nas touches on a subject most fathers go through. Even though I am not a father myself, but I have female relative below my age, when one knows how they have treated woman, one thinks bout the concept you reap what you sow. With that said I can just imagine having a daughter with that in the back of your mind.This track touches on those emotions and is something that has not been spoke on, but is reality in many guy's head. Holding a baby girl and depending on your situation with the babymama, at times can trigger flashbacks of ones behaviors towards the female breed. Most the times it makes one over protective and makes one very judgmental towards any guy that comes close to that female relative. Actually one cannot only speak on those female relative who are younger, because if you're a son and watch your mother dating, one might have the same mentality to protect their vulnerability. Maybe it is not right to think of the female counterparts as weak, but the thoughts of how a couple words that we have used to manipulate ones mind has took in affect, at the time is the first thing that processes.
       Nas in the past has wrote a song about his daughter, which in my opinion was one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard, "Me and You" off his double album "Street Disciple".It was something that a daughter could be proud of that their father wrote about them. Even though the song "Daughter" was a subject never touched and could benefit a lot of father's ears, did Nas take into consideration his daughter's feelings. How this song would effect her, as these lyrics are coming out her own fathers mouth and in public. By now the whole world knows about her incident, but the fact that Destiny is 17 years old, most teenage girls deep down still long for the approval and love of their father. Question is does this song display that love and affection she needs or is this like a spanking in front of the world's eye view.
    I don't agree with Carmen, because I am sure she has done her damage too. I have not read her book, but just the information I do know could bring shame to a child to know their parents business and the fact it is public is even worst. So this is something she should take into consideration as well.
    The song in my opinion is a beautiful song, but the song is at the expense of his daughter. At the end of the day Nas gave the world another classic, but he has to re comfort his daughter and let her know that he meant no harm by his words.

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Asia Monroe is a fake who stole Karin identity

Even though it is not well known, we at Quarantine Radio were the first ones to conduct an interview with Asia Monroe which took place 1/1712.Our establishment try to reward people that we see that have a hustle and drive for success, and that was seen in Asia when I first contacted her for an interview. By doing this, we made a rookie mistake and did not do a deep investigation of the person we were bout to interview. All I knew is she was a up and coming model trying to make a name for herself, and a hour before the show she surprised me by revealing to me that she was a transexual, which was a total shocker. I try not to judge people so I still proceeded with the interview. During the interview when my partner found out her situation he was highly upset and said somethings which our listening base found funny, but being the person that I am, after Ms Monroe disconnected from the radio show, I tried to make sure that this person was alright and that no comments were offensive towards them.

Like all of the guest that come on my show I try to keep a constant communication with them, after awhile this person eventually told me that they lied about being a transexual which was puzzling to me. While wondering why would anyone lie about something like that, a few weeks later she texted me telling me that some photos had leaked from her phone onto the net, then another week later another story had "leaked" about her. I started becoming very suspicious of what was really going on. Bout a day later someone had informed me someone was talking about listening to our show with her, which happen to be one of the websites that was posting these stories. After the show leaked she then again was telling people she was a transexual again. By this point I was high confused on what to believe any more, few seconds later someone brought to my attention a girl was claiming that the pictures being posted were hers and that Asia was a fake. When I question Asia about this she was highly upset that I would accuse her of being a fake. After following the other girl on twitter and Facebook she proceeded to block me on those social networks and said I was not being supportive. With the truth finally coming out I felt it was my responsibility to apologize for everything that took place.

I am honestly sorry that this poor girl Karin had to go through this whole thing. It really makes me wonder why someone would go through all the trouble of pretending to be someone else and at the same time ruin that person reputation. We have recently taken down the young lady picture from the interview segment and really would like to apologize for the part we took in this scandal. Like I said before it was a rookie mistake and we take full responsibility for not getting more information about the person to make sure they were who they said they were.

We at Quarantine Radio would like to wish Karin luck in her future venture and hope this whole situation does not damage any opportunities that might become available to her.

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#Producers & #Artist, don't miss out on another @ATLBEATBATTLE event

Atlanta Beat Battle Genre Edition

Atlanta's number one producer and songwriters event taking place April 1, 2012. Battle of the genres Hip Hop, Dubstep, Pop, and R&B.


For the past 4 years Atlanta Beat Battle (ABB) has been the "go to" event for producers to be seen and heard by the music industry in Atlanta. Staying true to our mission, ABB returns on Sunday, April 1, 2012. If you have a desire to share your talent and production with the music industry this is the place for you! The marriage between a songwriter and a producer is essential to making a song.

Imagine this month's environment! Close your eyes and think about the underground New York music scene in the early 90s, think about freestyle battling in the park in the late 80s, the sounds of 808s busting through your speaker of your favorite song! Those memories can be found at ATL BEAT BATTLE where "Positive energy equals positive results".

This month we will have 16 producers battling in 4 different categories: R&B, Hip hop, Dub Step, & Pop. After a winner is selected in each category, the winning four producers will then battle each other for the Beat Battle Championship Title. ABB also provides a platform where (5) songwriters will also showcase their skills.

Visit our website for additional information, google ATL BEAT BATTLE to see videos, pictures, blog post, and write ups!

Atlanta Beat Battle is Atlanta's premier producer and songwriter networking event. Producers from all over the country, have attended to showcase their talent. ATL beat battle is continuing to impact the lives of producers and artists by helping them advance to the next level.

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#QuarantineRadio #GreatestRapper #MarchMadness Brackets revealed #Vote

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#QuarantineRadio Interview with model @keewii


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#QuarantineRadio interview with Model @RarestJewels


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Jewels started out modeling doing promotional work and marketing in her city. Since then, she has been in multiple fashion shows in different states, experience with music videos, hosted events and parties, working under Big Don MJ Ent, Mogul, Hennessey Black, Crown Royal Black, Dreamteam Ent and Accent Models. She was the spokes-model for Strapp Magazine, coordinated fashion shows and photoshoots and is the face of the clothing line Nine Livez. Jewels is unique to this industry because not only with the pretty face, she has a bubbly, outgoing personality and drive for success. Everything she does she brings her dazzling smile and positive energy. Originally from Las Vegas, Nevada, she has lived in mutiple states and traveled all over the U.S. As a college student majoring in communications, She loves meeting and working with new people. With her ambition and drive for success your sure to see more of this Rare Jewel!

Seen on WizDaily Dose, Eyehoney, GGurls, Topshelfent and All American Dimes

#QuarantineRadio Interview with Model @alasiaballard14


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Alasia Ballard who comes from Marietta, Georgia USA was among the 32 models vying for 1 spot in Tyra Banks' America's Next Top Model (ANTM) Cycle 14 which first aired March 10, 2010 on The CW network. (ANTM) is aired in over 37 different countries. 
Alasia recently attended Miss Southern Africa beauty pageant at Stratford Old town Hall as one of the celebrity judges. She was currently in the UK representing Positive Runway: Global Catwalk as their American advocate.

   Positive Runway: Global Catwalk to Stop the Spread, is a voluntary global HIV/AIDS response campaign that tours the world working with beauty queens, models, fashion designers and celebrities from fashion, film, music, television, sport and other arts as effective advocates for the young generation in the fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS and to sensitise the public against other scourges affecting today’s young generation such as child trafficking, sexual responsibility, drugs, substance abuse, violence, peer pressure etc. Founded by Ms. Justina Mutare.

Alasia is currently working with Mrs. Cynthia Bailey from the Real Housewives of Atlanta and the Bailey Agency School of Fashion. 

Alasia Ballard is scheduled to attend the Pre-Grammy Awards and Grammy Awards show in  Los Angeles, California in early February also representing Positive Runway: Global Catwalk to Stop the Spread.

#QuarantineRadio Interview with Model/Rapper @AlexisLovesme w/ special guest @MissMya

At the Start of the show Mya calls into #QuarantineRadio to talk about the Marathon she was preparing for


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  I chose the name "Lex La Rue" after my best friend Kathy Pegram said that people at her office called her "Kat the Seductress, Dutchess, La Rue" and that I should go by the name "Lex La Rue"... I loved the name, "La Rue" even though I didn't care for the meaning which translates to "The Streets" in French. I later changed my mind when I told my Mother about my rapping career and my new name. My Mother told me that her favorite singer Michael McDonald had a song called "Taken it to the streets" and that Lex La Rue would take her music and message to the streets! I loved the idea and new name and took my music straight to the NC Music Factory where I recorded my first song ever with producer Krazy Figz in September of 2011. The song was called "Fully Laced", and the second single written by Cash P (who is my rap mentor) called "Saturday Love" (a remake of the same titled song). Currently I’m working on my Mixtape which should be ready in january 2012. You can hear one of the songs from the mixtape on reverbnation called “I’ma Floss”. “I’ma floss” shows a harder side of rapping and with the three songs created shows my versatility. While I'm not in the studio writing and creating hot music for the streets, you can find me modeling, pursuing my career as an actress or working on a clothing line called Vintage Dreamz.

#Quarantine Radio interview with model @therealeyecandi


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-Stiletto Talk Magazine
-Splurge Magazine(cover)
-Carolina Promoter(Interview)
-Black Mens Magazine(CASTING CALL)
-MXy Magazine(Interview)
-Nikole Hen Website(feature)

-Castaway(Puff Puff Pass)
-Lethal ft Bricks(My Girl)
-Savion Saddam(Stop Trippin)
-Ike and Shyst ft GK Casanove / Cheeze Da Kidd(Certified Stars)

Eye Candi Videos on Youtube:


3RD Annual S.M.I.L.E 
The Hottest In the City Concert
R&B Night @ Metro Lounge
Wet Juice Box Stripper Bash

#QuarantineRadio 2 Behind the music world interview w/ @AVisRich and @ohsolawdi

One thing we try to do at Quarantine Radio is not only display the talents of those in front of the mic, but those behind the scene that can educate you on the industry as well, check out these two Interviews.

Interview with AV

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Name: Avoilan "AV" Bingham

Birthday/place: Atlanta, GA

First show: 2/7/04, the debut of my show Southern Hospitality Radio on WQFS 90.9 FM in Greensboro, NC

Childhood Memories (that affected lifestyle or goals): My mother always did artist showcases in & around ATL for local youth talent like local ATL sensation Raheem the Dream & Lil Jon looking to display their talent. My sister was in an R&B group while I was growing up and was/is a songwriter. My Dad did film & worked with Spike Lee on films & shot video of artists like Goodie Mob, Arrested Development, etc. The music & entertainment industry was always around me.

Struggles (in life or music industry): My struggle has been in finding the right avenue in the entertainment industry in which to pour all my energy. It's changed from radio personality to radio producer to A&R to management all within 4-5 yrs.

Individual/event influences (celebrity or personal) OR Motivation: Seeing people make business moves in the music industry always motivates me. It's very inspirational to see that, no matter who it is. I'm inspired by any & everybody making moves

Why music: Music is the soundtrack to life. It only makes sense that music would be very interesting to pursue & be a part of.

Goals (Now & Prior to music): Prior to music it was to be an executive in the sports industry. Now, my goals are to further develop & build my company, Rich Team & Company LLC, expand my brand into music, entertainment, sports & fashion and strive for excellence in the entertainment industry.

Describe your music influence: Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Soul, Jazz, Pop

What would you like to contribute to this genre: Renewed passion for the integrity of the culture

What would you like to be remembered for/What stands out about you: Attention to detail, hard work, unrivaled excellence

Personal quotes/catch phrases; Kool Out! You Wish!

Additional comments: I hosted my own weekly radio show, Southern Hospitality Radio on Guilford College's radio station WQFS Greensboro 90.9 FM from Feb 2004-May 2008. Worked with such nationally DJs as DJ Drama of The Aphilliates, DJ Spinz of HoodRich DJs, DJ Montay of Oomp Camp, etc. Worked closely with artists & managers from independent & major labels. Produced my own show. Did all my own promotion & booked all my own guests. Got sponsors such as SEA, UPD, DTLR, Infamous South Magazine & which sponsored additional production & promotion (t-shirts, flyers, etc) for the show.

-Rebroadcast SH Radio with 2 Internet radio stations ( & from 2006-2008
-Did mixtape with DTLR & DJ E Sudd in Feb 2006 for CIAA wknd in Charlotte, NC. Got my weekly show rebroadcast in the DTLR in Greensboro, NC at Four Seasons Mall
-Won Best Show Promotion in 2005 from WQFS Greensboro for promotion of "Southern Hospitality Radio"

-College Rep for Def Jam at Guilford College 2007-2008
-Co Producer for Rene Miller Show on WJZZ 107.5 FM 2007
-Junior A&R DP Productions 2009
-Creative Sales Director @ 2011-present
-CEO of Rich Team & Company, LLC (8-10-11)
-Management team for Dem Boyz & The Sumit

Interview with Lawdi

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Search Lawdi on page for Bio

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Quarantine Radio 2nd Annual Greatest Rapper March Madness Tournament

Quarantine Radio Greatest Rapper Play in Round

Quarantine Radio is a mixture of Music and Sports debates, and last year we thought about one of the biggest debates "Who is the Greatest Rapper of all time". Well combine that with one of the biggest tournaments in the world March Madness and you have the Greatest Rapper March Madness Tournament. Right now you can vote for the the female emcee as the try to get into the Tournament below...Voting ends March 10th and the rest brackets are revealed on the 11th.

Lil Kim Vs Nicki Manji

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Lauryn Hill Vs Da Brat

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Eve Vs Paris

Foxy Brown vs Diamond

Missy Elliot vs Trina

MC Lyte vs Iggy Azalea

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@ToddAnthony_ - Real Talk (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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@ShawnnaDior present SD Sports Clothing Line

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@ImaniTheMisfit "Bullying Is Torture" - 2012 Fashion Campaign

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Get clothing here

@SupaScario - POLE HITTA

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Social Media cry out, Could this 17 yr old girl death been prevented?

17 year old girls cry's for help over social media and no one hears, but everyone notices the #TwitterAfterDark and Amateur porn for attention. Out of all the people that followed her on twitter no one saw that this girl was depressed, Or the fact she took a picture of herself holding a gun, or did all her followers just think it was cool she had a gun? This right here should be an eye opener to where people priorities are on these social networks. In a world where people can get discovered from their music talents, their talent to make people laugh, and sadly their sexual talents, things like this too should be discovered and prevented.

Shit Janky Promoters Say by @SoFreeWisdom

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@QoTRing Sparring session @JadaEFFINRaye vs @splyttP

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@ILL_McKenzie in Brian Davis' "Everything Copestedic"

My step dad Brian Davis has been writing and directing plays for awhile, I have had the privileged to be featured in one of his plays to movies "Everything's Copestedic". Above is my scenes in the movie, which is about two friends that rob a check cashing place but only one is captured. The one that is captured refuse to reveal his partner in crime to the authorities and is the only one sentenced to jail time. While away he ask his partner to look after his wife and kids, the outcome of this, his partner falls in love with his wife and that is when the dram begins. If interested you can purchase all 3 vols of this Play to DVD here, and also check out the other plays that he has written and turned into moves or just the actual stage play themselves.