Sunday, June 3, 2012

Diddy's Son EARNS football scholarship

Usually when a young athlete has worked hard in their sport along with in the classroom, they are applauded when they earn a scholarship. It is a great accomplishment that should be receive great acceptance from people, current students of the university, and alumni. In my opinion these people should be grateful to snag a great player of such caliber. That does not seem like the case when you are the son of man who is worth over 55 million dollars.  Question is should this make a difference.
Sean "Diddy" Comb is reported to be worth over 55 million dollar,s and in this case his son is the won who is the great athlete that has excelled also in the classroom. Before people applaud his achievement they start talking about this kid is robbing the school of money he does not need. As stated before they feel his father should pay for his education with no hesitation. Interesting, what happen to kids learning how to live own their own and discovering their own path in life. When did it become a good thing for kids to live off their parents and never know how to stand and walk on their own. This kid was not given this scholarship because of his namesake, he earned it. The people who are upset about his accomplishments should really be ashamed of themselves and should be encouraging this kid  along with being proud he is not trying to leech off his dad to progress in life.
The real question is why are these people mad? It is not their money that is being used to pay for this kids scholarship. The other question is could this be because of his race, or could it be because of who his father is and maybe many people do not like his father's lifestyle. Either way people are making a big deal out of nothing. If he was going to school off of Government grants, maybe then people should be outraged that he is taking unnecessary money from us.

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