Monday, March 30, 2009

Vacation with Me

iight sooooooo yea...been a min but been hard at I said we trying make hits so what we do work on a killer beat...see what singers wanted to get on the hook...only thing left for me to write my verses and record...
Yea so I wrote the it aint like it...wrote it again...thought needed some wrote it...spit the verse out loud and got tongue tied on some wrote it...Finally got it the way I wanted recorded the track...told my singer prepare for me to send the track...sat back listen to the whole track and was like...ummm something not right...couldnt put my finger on it...listen to it like 10 I sent the track to Click Two Times...If you coped my ILL R&B he had two tracks on there...he one of many people I network with that's actually reliable...but he was like your rapping to fast for this type of track...Sent it to Nasty Boy...he gave me a speech...I aint going tell you everything he said but he basically said do it over...we need this to be a hit...what you just did wasnt a hit...and he said bring the strings up in the hook. I hit up two other people in my circle for advice cause I feel they a notch above me in the game for advice. One said basically the same as Nasty did but in a different format...and The other broke down what I needed to hear from a grain of sand on the beach to the house on the hill.
Im already aware that alot of people are hard on me cause they see alot of potential and that I have fixable flaws. I think having the circle I have is the most important thing...I went from having no supporters to having people who will actually work with me.
Now as far as the camp, I dont know the situation with my cousin Murder aint been in contact with him in like...2 or 3 weeks...Prophet is ready for me to send him some beats to write that a big change from him not wanting to be that much involve to him actually wanting verses in tracks. Like I told everyone I want Hits...I want everyone to know that we are here for real...I want everyone to know we a force to be reckon with...the beats are finally on point we just need the lyrics that going catch people full attention...WE BANGING ON THE DOOR AND WE WANT IN...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Through My eye

Aint much to say Beat M.D. changed his name to Nasty boy as stated before and Im still trying convince him to change it. But we been working hard on beats and a new sound. I feel the road i was going wasn't my fit. Alot of people let me know I have the right formula but im mixing it wrong. So my first goal on this project was focus on hits. I made a beat that I thought could be a hit I just needed the right elements. Me and Nasty talked about how sometimes the missing instrument on a track his the vocals. So we threw around a couple Ideas and was listening to the beat. While listening to it you can just imagine someone vacationing on an island. First Nasty wanted me to do 3 verses with 3 different girls, but I thought I go the route of trying win over one girl.

Also this weekend i meet up with people from Mandownip. The basically gave me a copy of the potential contract if my beat is chosen. He also informed me that they have narrowed it down to thirty beats and to call them Tuesday to get the update. I honestly like the way they do business and it finally an opportunity to make money off my work. At first I just wanted to network and get my music out but I realize there alot of grimy people out that look out for them self first.

Me I'm the type that likes to help and give a person an opp that I have, but really haven't seen anyone return the favor...well a hand full but I have helped more then a hand full network or build up there buzz. Sometimes it who you talk to and how another person views your help.

Speaking of Network another thing we been talking bout is our plans for NCUMA and who going, what we are going do, basically which events. Everything still not clear but as of now Nasty said he not coming.

Another thing bout Networking I hate when a person thinks there to good to collaborate with you and they not really that good them self. I really dont know who be gassing some of theses people up. Its one thing to think your great but to not know ur limits is another thing. Thats just one thing that bothers me and I sometimes express in my music.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Talking business

So I just got off the phone with the manager of Mandownip. Like I said before...well i think i said before I sent them a beat and the Manager just wanted to go over all the technical and business side of what will happen if my beat is chosen for their 12 track album. Just for someone to call me on a conference call was the ultimate experience. Im use to dishing out beats to people and not hearing a thing afterward. But the gut actually acknowledge he got the beat and wanted me to understand the process Im bout to go through if my beat is chosen. Well after all this I hit up Nasty Boy and let him know everything seeing that he is my partner when it comes to the beat making.

Other then that I have been just taking everything easy. I aint really mess with music that much this week. Most that know me know i have a great imagination and every once in awhile i get an idea for a movie. I had plenty and wrote but never actually finish any. So I had a great idea pop in my head and just started typing the other night.

Music wise I'm bout to start back writing and working on idead started next week.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A New Start

So Friday me and M.D. sat down and listen to each other beats that we had made. First he told me he no longer wanted to be called Beat M.D. he wants to be know as Nasty Boy. But one of his beat he made I added my touch to and said will send this to this independent Label who was asking for beats. So I brushed up the beat a lil then told him I would send in the morning. Then we listen to my beats and one of them he said it's the best beat I had made.
I call it Vacation with me. Had a hook for it we both was thinking we needed the perfect person to sing the hook. I already had someone in mind to sing the hook but after awhile I thought I should look at all the possibilities. And we talked about how we need to work on one track at a hit at a time. That's how we going do every track from now on. Make sure we have a sure hit. We have a beat that will win over the ladies and smooth enough to be in the club. Now all we need is my lyrics and deliverance to be on point. That's where my mind is focus on
Saturday I sent off the beat in the morning and got a call from Nat-Hi to help him hand out flyers. Nasty Boy had went to Charlotte for the CIAA so thought I go over some ideas with Nat. He gave me some input on my mixtape, Basically told me I had the right formula but like i was seeing my deliverance wasnt there. He then went into how he wanted me to be on his team. I already have my plan mapped out. I keep telling him I dont mind helping him out and all but sometimes I dont think what im saying get through to him. Like the way he doing things now I really dont agree with. We have two different views of marketing and promoting. In my mind I think we should just stick to callabo on tracks and what not. So we ended up hitting up three malls and a couple shopping centers by the end of the day I just wanted to crash for the rest of the night. So i sat back watched this Napz Krew DVD, then listen to some mixtapes. I was going to work on some beats but I eventually called it a night and to sleep.
Sunday I found out that our beat was one of the beats the group wanted. At the same time I found out my USB drive was missing. Some how from the time i sent the snippet of the beat to riding around with Nat it came lose from my Keys. I was so pissed cause this the second time I lost a USB drive. The only good thing is that I had it locked with a Password so no one can really get anything from it. But now I cant transfer files and send off my beats. So I called Nasty and was like we might need his flash to save the finish beat to send off. He was just like will find a way if they really want the beat. Like this our first major Opp, we have had other ppl asking for beats but aint nothing move or heard anthing and it seem these are the first serious people to talk to us. But as of now Im just going have to buy another jump drive cause it dont look like ima find the other one.