Thursday, March 5, 2009

Talking business

So I just got off the phone with the manager of Mandownip. Like I said before...well i think i said before I sent them a beat and the Manager just wanted to go over all the technical and business side of what will happen if my beat is chosen for their 12 track album. Just for someone to call me on a conference call was the ultimate experience. Im use to dishing out beats to people and not hearing a thing afterward. But the gut actually acknowledge he got the beat and wanted me to understand the process Im bout to go through if my beat is chosen. Well after all this I hit up Nasty Boy and let him know everything seeing that he is my partner when it comes to the beat making.

Other then that I have been just taking everything easy. I aint really mess with music that much this week. Most that know me know i have a great imagination and every once in awhile i get an idea for a movie. I had plenty and wrote but never actually finish any. So I had a great idea pop in my head and just started typing the other night.

Music wise I'm bout to start back writing and working on idead started next week.

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