Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Through My eye

Aint much to say Beat M.D. changed his name to Nasty boy as stated before and Im still trying convince him to change it. But we been working hard on beats and a new sound. I feel the road i was going wasn't my fit. Alot of people let me know I have the right formula but im mixing it wrong. So my first goal on this project was focus on hits. I made a beat that I thought could be a hit I just needed the right elements. Me and Nasty talked about how sometimes the missing instrument on a track his the vocals. So we threw around a couple Ideas and was listening to the beat. While listening to it you can just imagine someone vacationing on an island. First Nasty wanted me to do 3 verses with 3 different girls, but I thought I go the route of trying win over one girl.

Also this weekend i meet up with people from Mandownip. The basically gave me a copy of the potential contract if my beat is chosen. He also informed me that they have narrowed it down to thirty beats and to call them Tuesday to get the update. I honestly like the way they do business and it finally an opportunity to make money off my work. At first I just wanted to network and get my music out but I realize there alot of grimy people out that look out for them self first.

Me I'm the type that likes to help and give a person an opp that I have, but really haven't seen anyone return the favor...well a hand full but I have helped more then a hand full network or build up there buzz. Sometimes it who you talk to and how another person views your help.

Speaking of Network another thing we been talking bout is our plans for NCUMA and who going, what we are going do, basically which events. Everything still not clear but as of now Nasty said he not coming.

Another thing bout Networking I hate when a person thinks there to good to collaborate with you and they not really that good them self. I really dont know who be gassing some of theses people up. Its one thing to think your great but to not know ur limits is another thing. Thats just one thing that bothers me and I sometimes express in my music.

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