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Doctor report on @mstiffanymusic Mixtape "Lip gloss and Liqour"

Both ILL Mckenzie and M.D. took a listen to Ms Tiffany latest project "Lip Gloss and Liquor. Usually the two can never agree on an artist and how they should rate them, but overall the rating that these two gave the mixtape was similar except in one category, so their rating were .5 off from each other.

ILL McKenzie felt that on this mixtape Ms Tiffany a well rounded presence on the microphone, especially for a female in the industry. He stated that most females try to over sell sex as gimmick but with Ms Tiffany she sells it enough to remind you she a female but then mixes it up with some raw hard lyrics with a nice dose of punch lines. Her creativity also gives her ability to tell a story her lyrics. The versatility of this rapper proves she is a student of the game, as she stretches her range of subjects and also lyrically defends herself against any emcee that might try to test her. Overall ILL felt this was a solid mixtape to listen to and gave it a 4 out of 5

Beat M.D. Felt that this emcee had a lot of potential but felt she did not have the ability to be versatile. He felt like the artist stayed inside the same box through out the mixtape, but heard a lot of potential in the artist. His advice to the artist was to try to touch on other subject matters. Overall M.D. gave the mixtape a 3.5 out of 5

ILL Rating 4 out of 5

M.D. Rating 3.5 out of 5


1 = Clean bill of Health
2 = Light cough
3 = 24 hour Bug
4 = The Flu

Saturday, December 24, 2011

@TheDebonaireDon aka Tyme , Announcement Of Networking in NC, VA, and GA (7...

Tyme is preparing to step back into the music industry. He's linked up with a few different people in different states and if you're trying to collab, hit him up on and follow him at

If you want a video to be this great of quality, hit Tyme up. He does it all. Photos, Videos, Beat Productions, Raps, R&B Lyrics, Writes Any Genre or Category of Song

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

@Carlmajor brings us once again the NCUMA

        The time to Nominate for the North Carolina Underground Music Awards(NCUMA) is upon us again. You have heard some of the talent NC has to offer on Quarantine Radio, do not let these artist hard work go unnoticed, take the time to nominate them for various categories.

Don't forget artist like 

And there are artist we did not get the privileged to interview but their music stay in rotation. Make sure the right artist get the award and VOTE

Domestic Violence PSA with @theheather123 music by @valentinaent

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Monday, November 21, 2011

#QuarantineRadio Interview with Film Director @ALvinGray


Alvin Gray was born on January 8, 1986 in Baltimore, Maryland. He attended
Overlea High School where he initiated the first Multimedia program (2002), for
peers at the school.This experience detonated Gray’s passion for radio and he
became a program director for WFAL 1630 AM (2003), He eventually became
a crowning dominance as radio host for one of the top radio programming centers,
Infinity Radio Broadcast. After controlling the airwaves with a strong following of
listeners he decided his talents would be more valuable in Media and
Communications being a stellar student in Baltimore, Gray wanted
to contribute to the educational system in his city and joined the Baltimore County
Educational Channel!(2004), as a floor director and quickly flourished to news
anchor. At this point Gray was learning his trade at an accelerated pace and was
eager to move on and absorb more experience in broadcasting. He advanced his
career by joining Comcast Television as a master control room operator and editor.
He had a desire to be on the other side of the camera, in 2005 he became
extremely active as an actor. He made a quick guest appearance in the critically
acclaimed HBO Series –The Wire, Disney’s Motion Picture`Step Up, and Brian
McCain’s Motion picture`Hundred Dollar Bill.
Gray expressed a hunger for his own expression and creativity and advanced
his career as a producer, director, and editor for a considerable amount of short
films, music videos.

(Lola Monroe feat Los )

(Paula Campbell)


(Devon Howard)`rIvazI


(Nokio of Dru Hill)

and a host of video work for NFL and!NBA players such as Ray Lewis and Ed
Reed and Kevin Durant

Inspired by the violence of the streets of Baltimore he made his independent
directorial and production debut with the film Torture (2007). Alvin scratched the
surface in television with a reality show for artist and handbag designer Sherry Wolf
As a writer, director and producer Alvin Gray accomplished the release of
Sweet!Dreams (2010) , which is a
film that follows fashion photographer Curtis Monroe (portrayed!by Alvin Gray)
who falls into a consuming relationship with model Melody Griffin (portrayed by
Robyn Wood). She is a woman who haunts his dreams as he sleeps, but their
relationship eventually becomes a fatal attraction nightmare.

Alvin Gray is at the pinnacle of his career as the writer and director of his
upcomin! release Senior Cut Day`
x47wDtRO0c&feature=related . The story unfolds as fifteen years ago the
government of the populous town of Sparksville sent its homeless people to live in
the woods on the outskirts of town. As a means of survival these forgotten souls
began resorting
to cannibalism, feeding on their own and unknowing bystanders. Eventually, their
existence becomes just a rumor and memory in the minds of those old enough to
remember. A group of kids from the local high school decide to cut school and their
car breaks down near the woods, their Senior Cut Day becomes more memorable
than they could have imagined.
Alvin Gray Characterized as fearless, creative and talented remains etched as a
Writer, Director
and producer and is a person to watch out for in the upcoming future


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#QuarantineRadio Interview with R&B singer @ShaunLamont


With a full bodied rich voice that flows naturally and smoothly to a variety of sounds. Shaun discovered his voice at 8 years old, and he has developed his voice greatly. This Raleigh, North Carolina native, showcased his captivating talent at church, talent shows, or where the opportunity was presented. 
His lyricism was inspired by greats such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and Boyz II Men. Through his passion for music, he strives to move and encourage his listeners. Shaun uses his musicianship, performance, and his own experiences to compose his lyrics.
Since embracing his career in 2005, Shaun has performed with Women's Empowerment, he has opened up for Fantasia, Omarion, Marques Houston, Faith Evans. Shaun's performance displays a soulful style which brings enjoyment and great listening pleasure. Enjoy "Go Getta" the new single.


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@QuarantineRadio interview with Baseball player @J_WALLACE32


College New Mexico State Univ. Played on IPB team in Spring 2010. 2010 member of new york state league. 2011 Signed with Southern Maryland Blue Crabs of Atlantic League. 2011 Lake County Fielders of North American League where I hit .294. Has played ball with/against a number of first rounders that made MLB rosters and some still in minors


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#QuarantineRadio Doctor Report on @HighWay_Trellz "Most Hated" mixtape

Doctor Report

Once again both ILL McKenzie and Beat M.D. did not agree on the rating of this mixtape. Sometimes they agree on the flaws of the artist, but this time they did not even agree on that.

When ILL Mckenzie listen to the Mixtape he recognize that this artist with the tracks that he coverd, he did not trying to reflect his style directly to the artist that originally flowed over the beat. ILL saw that Trellz actually created his own lane on each track, even with the subject matter was different at times. He also recgonize the versatility of the rapper to talk about different subjects, The one thing that ILL would like to see is is this artist can create a story from his lyrics and paint a picture with his words. ILL feels that is the only missing piece of the puzzle for this artist. Overall he enjoyed listening to the Mixtape and the artist in general. ILL gave the Mixtape a 4 out of 5

Beat M.D. looked at the title of the Mixtape and listen to it and guess he just had to be labeled in the category of this artist haters. He did not hear anything original from this artist and basically felt like he was like any other artist he had heard. M.D. also stated the fact that there was nothing special about this artist and was no stand out tracks. M.D gave it a 2.5 out of 5

ILL Rating 4 out of 5

M.D. Rating 2.5 out of 5


1 = Clean Bill of Health
2 = Light cough
3 = 24 hour bug
4 = The Flu

Reality is bragging about having Trap House money and providing evidence can land you in JAIL

The arrest

The Video

Full story

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Senior Cut Day Trailer Dir @AlvinGray

 Buy tickets for the premiere on December 8th here

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Thursday, November 3, 2011


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#QuarantineRadio Doctor Report on @thisis100grand mixtape Schizophrenia

Doctor Report on 100 grand Mixtape "Schizophrenia"

ILL McKenzie was the only one that listen to the whole mixtape from the Quarantine Radio staff but M.D. was impress by what he heard on the show.

ILL McKenzie felt like the artist was very creative from the first track to the last. Each track had its own meaning and bridge together a story line. The first couple tracks flowed like reading a book, from one chapter to the next as the artist talked about how he started his day to going to school. The artist then enter different subject matters with different angles, from talking from view point of the entitled mixtape to interacting with a girl from online, 100 grand creativity is something that the rap game has not seen in awhile. ILL gave this mixtape a 4 out of 5 rating.

ILL's Rating 4 out of 5


1 = Clean Bill of Health
2 = Light Cough
3 = 24 hour bug
4 = Flu

#Quarantine Radio Doctor report on @RAMSES_SWAG mixtape

Doctor Report on Amziin mixtape "Peace of Mind"

We at Quarantine Radio had the privileged of being able to review another one of Amaziin Mixtape entitled "Peace of Mind" . Both ILL McKenzie and Beat M.D. saw improvements from Amaziin first mixtape but in different ways and gave different rating once again.

M.D. liked the new style that Amaziin was taking on and thought that a couple tracks were deep and meaningful, he felt that the artist took more time in the development in his lyrics this time around but through out the mixtape the creativity died down in the process. M.D. gave the Mixtape a rating of 2.

ILL McKenzie felt like the artist put more thought in this mixtape and heard a lot of improvement and heard that advance that was giving last time around were taken into consideration. It was clear of the development of the artist as a whole but still felt like there was room to grow. ILL gave the mixtape a rating of 3.

ILL's Rating 3
M.D. Rating 2


1 = clean bill of health
2 = light cough
3 = 24 hour bug
4 = Flu

@ATMQUOTE "NEW SHIT" (Official Music Video)

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#QuarantineRadio Interview with @F_R_A_T House


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F.R.A.T. House (Future Relevant All the Time) was established in 2005 and was the combination of two separate groups formed together from a company under the name Dymond Productions. Their unique sound is a mix of Hip-Hop and a bit of Soul, all mixed in mainly by in house producer @Bellz_FH. The emcees of the group consist of @TG8S1stQtr, @I_AmPure_FH and @Rich_West from Greensboro, NC, @DjGang1 from the Bronx, NYC and @BAkersvilleWiz from VA Beach. Plus @STUgolz_FH behind the scenes doing graphic and video work. F.R.A.T. House is truly a conglomerate of in house talent!! Under the independent label 1st Quarter Ent. Future Relevant is ready to tour the world with this new vibe so the world can hear real dope music and if you're here then we consider you fam, Follow us threw this futuristic journey. Future Relevant.

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#QuarantineRadio Interview with High School Football Coach @CoachnIzWhatiDO


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Coach Ray II is a native of Raleigh, NC; where he currently resides with his wife Erica and daughter Myla. Coach Ray is a 1997 alumnus and three-year letter winner in Football at Elizabeth City State University were he also earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology and Social Work; while at ECSU Coach Ray graded out 87.4 percent on average throughout his senior year as the starting right tackle for the Vikings football team. He also earned academic All-CIAA honors. He is currently coaching at Raleigh Athens Drive were he has served as Defensive and Offensive line coach, Defensive Coordinator,  and Linebackers Coach over the past twelve  seasons respectively; Coach Ray is currently the Assistant Offensive Coordinator and Offensive Line Coach;  Coach Ray is also the Head Men’s Junior Varsity basketball and Head Assistant Men’s Track & Field coach. Coach Ray has returned to his alma mater where he was a three-sport star in football, basketball, and Track & Field. Coach Ray also serves as the schools In School Suspension Coordinator, NCAA Academic Advisor, and Behavior Rehabilitation mentor.

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#QuarantineRadio Interview with @NiagraFallz

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#QuarantineRadio Interview with @ThisIsNJJ

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Extremely athletic and versatile talent, will have the ability to have a breakout season as a fifth-year senior ... Regarded by UK's coaches as the best base runner in the SEC, stole 24-of-25 bases in just 21 starts as a junior ... Has excellent base running instincts ... Can play nearly any position on the field, seeing time at second, third and shortstop in the infield and also logging time in the outfield ... Will compete for starting positions at second base and rightfield ... In addition to above-average base running skills, has excellent plate discipline and pitch recognition, translating to a high on-base percentage ... Could be a prototypical top of the order hitter in UK's speed-based offensive attack.
Had a great summer in the Coastal Plains League, playing in 33 games with 29 starts ... Totaled a .307 average (31-for-101) with three doubles, one triple and 18 RBI ... Had a .409 on-base percentage after drawing 15 walks, getting hit by six pitches and striking out 20 times ... Had five sacrifice flies and two sacrifice bunts ... Stole an impressive 25-of-27 bases.

Played in 33 games with 21 starts ... Batted .171 (13-for-76) with 24 runs scored, two doubles, one homer and six RBI ... Had a great on-base percentage, .388, drawing 16 walks and getting hit by 11 pitches, striking out 10 times ... Ranked fourth in the SEC with 24 stolen bases in 25 attempts ... In 14 SEC games and six starts, batted .222 (4-for-18) with seven runs scored, one double, six walks and just two strikeouts ... Stole 8-of-9 bases in SEC play alone, with the one caught stealing a highly questionable call at Vanderbilt ... Hit all over the order, batting leadoff five times, second and ninth seven times, batting seventh and eighth once each ... Started four games at second base, one at shortstop, nine in leftfield and seven as the designated hitter ... Had a career-high three hits in a win over West Virginia ... Charted a career high three-RBI game at Indiana ... Got the start against IPFW on March 13, going 0-for-3 with two runs scored, but stealing a career-high four bases ... Had a four-game stretch with 11 stolen bases ... Biggest at bat of the year came with UK down one run in the bottom of the ninth inning of an impressive comeback win in San Diego against Monmouth ... After Chris Bisson left the game after breaking his nose, Johnson came in to play second base and led off the ninth inning with UK down one ... Johnson worked the count to 2-2 and belted a line-drive homer over the left-centerfield fence to tie the game, with UK winning later in the ninth after Braden Kapteyn got hit by a pitch with the bases loaded ... Had an excellent offensive summer in the New York Collegiate Baseball League, playing for the Watertown Wizards ... Ranked third in the league with a .343 (48-for-140) average, leading the NYCBL with 37 walks ... Charted six doubles, one triple, two homers and 24 RBI ... Struck out only 24 times ... Hit .356 (26-for-73) with runners on base, reaching as lead-off hitter in 19-of-32 opportunities ... Stole 21-of-22 bases, ranking fourth in the league.

Batted .250 (6-for-24) in 13 games and seven starts in 2009 ... Scored seven runs with one double and three RBI ... Drew four walks and struck out 10 times, stealing 2-of-2 bases ... Recorded one sacrifice fly ... Had a .367 on-base percentage ... In the final game of the Caravelle Resort Invitational against Coastal Carolina, got the start, going 1-for-3 ... Started at designated hitter in two games against Indiana State, batting 2-for-4 with a walk and a steal in the first game ... Had a career-best 3-for-4, two RBI game against Georgetown College, drawing one walk and adding a double ... Got the start in two games at eventual NCAA Champion LSU, striking out six times in eight at bats without a hit.

Played in 14 games with two starting assignments ... Batted .176 (3-for-17) with eight runs scored and two RBI ... Drew four walks to six strikeouts, swiping 1-of-1 base ... Scored the game-winning run as a pinch runner in a walk-off win vs. Purdue ... Started two consecutive games, a win at South Alabama and in a mid-week win over Oakland ... In the win at USA, batted 1-for-4 ... Played in the Great Lakes League with UK outfielder Navarro Hall during the 2008 summer ... Batted .279 (34-for-122) with 12 doubles, one triple, a homer and 13 RBI ...Totaled a .373 on-base percentage and stole 9-of-10 bases.

Redshirted season.

High School
Played for Redan HS in Atlanta, Ga. ... Attended the same high school which produced MLB shortstops Brandon Phillips, PJ Phillips, and Chris Nelson ... Coached by Marvin Pruitt ... Led team to the baseball state semifinals during freshman season ... Team won region championship junior and senior years ... Batted .433 with 45 runs, 11 doubles, six home runs, and 24 RBI as a senior ... Junior season batted .453, scoring 39 runs, hitting six doubles, five home runs, and 19 RBI ... A blur on the base paths, stole 32 bases during junior and senior seasons ... Named First-Team All-County as a junior and senior ... Named Co-MVP of junior team ... Named player of the month during senior season ... Finished HS with a 3.0 GPA and was named to the A and B Honor Roll.

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@HighWay_Trellz - Most Hated

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#QuarantineRadio Interview with @BETTIEGRIND


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Coming from a city whose Hip-Hop identity has been for the most part over shadowed by the presence of NASCAR, the banking industry and high profile murder cases, BETTIE GRIND has been determined to take advantage of his opportunity to bring the eyes and attention of the Hip- Hop entertainment industry to a virtually untapped market, the Carolinas.
And so the journey begins; In 2004-05’ after countless wins on Power 98’s Free-Style Friday show, BETTIE GRIND really began to focus on his craft resulting in the release of his first single “POP LOCK” that set the streets on fire! While receiving rave reviews and mix show spins around the area, this fresh new sound unseen energy has now become part of the DNA bred into the re-birth of Hip-Hop in the Kack.
BETTIE GRIND has the charismatic styles of the Rap tycoon Jay-Z with the lyrical energy of Rap mogul Ludacris. With the rapidly growing success and support of his followers, BETTIE GRIND quickly ceased the opportunity to leave his foot print on the crown of his city by performing with Young Jeezy at Summer Fest in Charlotte, NC which then led to him sharing the stage with Lil Wayne, Big Boi and the Purple Ribbon All-stars to name a few and most recently Plies. BETTIE GRIND is always in the forefront of those who strive to make a name for his city in the music world. He hit home with the collaboration with Anthony Hamilton on the remix of the unforgettable ballad“Charlene”.
The hunt for continued momentum was on now on as BETTIE GRIND maliciously attacked the mix tape game, releasing raw, potent material such as the self-proclaimed “KING Q.C” and the “G’s Us Is Coming” mix tapes that combined for almost 50K units within a 24 month period. As the streets remained hungry for the preceding word, BETTIE GRIND struck a pot of gold when his management team set up a meeting with one of the hottest producers in the game right now, Drum Squad founder Drumma Boy! With hits like “Shawty” for Plies and “I Put On” for Young Jeezy the track record was proven. With that being said, the sweltering hot new single from BETTIE GRIND“DAMMIT I’M FLY” was released.
“I am co-signing this one”. You have to be an artist at a certain level to even ride on one of my tracks and he (BETTIE GRIND) smashed this one on his first creditable mainstream produced track, says Drumma Boy”. After a few test drives with some of the top DJ’s and clubs in the region the overwhelming response completed the task of breaking the glass on the window that held back an indie artist from claiming the commercial artist spotlight.

#QuarantineRadio Interview with @anayadaffe


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Having a musical calling that mimics a southern songbird,Anaya Daffe’ takes her vocal attributes from tha block to tha booth with ease.Anaya was born in Ft. Carson.Co and just like its mountainous terrain,her life would unfold just as rocky. After relocating and traveling the map she landed in the south and planted her roots.Having lost what feels like a nation of close friends & lovers,to unparallel amounts of street violence Anaya reluctantly had to continue to move forward.Not just because her talent deserved to flourish,but in memorandum of those who believed in her ability to dream big,and live those dreams to the fullest. She cradles her stormy past as she climbs the ladder to her brighter musical forecast. Anaya is out to make her mark in the music world. Her drive and dedication to her music over time now has her name buzzing like a mad hornet’s nest. With clinching lyrical content, a magnetic voice, and a charismatic seductive presence it’s no wonder she’s winning the hearts of listeners. One need only to attend one of her shows to sense how specially gifted she measures across

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#QuarantineRadio Interview with Comedian @Omega_spittums


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Quarantine Radio Interview with @MsNishay


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 Lyrically in the "go hard" phase, there is a saying used most formally in the world of entertainment. "Actions speak louder than words" says NiShay. This "Ms. Most Lyrical Acclaimed" has taken the South Florida by storm & no doubt is coming harder than ever on her musical journey to the limit. Dancer, Singer, Writer, Composer, & Artistic genius, has taken a mark and goal on the music industry's supremacy at the young age of 21. This vibrant, talented,& kind hearted music artist has been flying faster through word of mouth & is capturing audiences in various countries. By far, lyrically she has inspired those who endure the passion of singing to set fourth into their future careers, for she is as well a role model for those that dear to dream. This Talented artist has not yet begun but yet already has many supporters locally as well as nationally. "I have not yet seen what is there for me, but my fans seen it all." says Nishay. On March 20th, 1989 NISHAY was born In Miami, FL. Raised in Nassau, Bahamas, this young star learned the art and crafts of music by singing and dancing in front of friends and family as she is also apart of a musical inclined family. Little did she know, this would continue in her adult career. For her, music was a way of bringing many together. She grew a passion for the artistry of music. At the age of 5, she began to sing giving friends memory of her voice, & at the age of 7 began composing lyrics; not something a normal child would do, but for NiShay it was a passion. Having graduated college, she finds herself deeply setting her talents for major goals. In any comfortable setting, her vibrant character is known for laughs, articulating dances, and her sweet angelic voice has been said to inspire the uninspired. And now here she is, in full effect, talented and acclaimed by working her way to the top. This is the beginning and the change of the industry is right before you. 
The change Will be heard, the change is coming this decade...

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