Monday, November 21, 2011

#QuarantineRadio Interview with Film Director @ALvinGray


Alvin Gray was born on January 8, 1986 in Baltimore, Maryland. He attended
Overlea High School where he initiated the first Multimedia program (2002), for
peers at the school.This experience detonated Gray’s passion for radio and he
became a program director for WFAL 1630 AM (2003), He eventually became
a crowning dominance as radio host for one of the top radio programming centers,
Infinity Radio Broadcast. After controlling the airwaves with a strong following of
listeners he decided his talents would be more valuable in Media and
Communications being a stellar student in Baltimore, Gray wanted
to contribute to the educational system in his city and joined the Baltimore County
Educational Channel!(2004), as a floor director and quickly flourished to news
anchor. At this point Gray was learning his trade at an accelerated pace and was
eager to move on and absorb more experience in broadcasting. He advanced his
career by joining Comcast Television as a master control room operator and editor.
He had a desire to be on the other side of the camera, in 2005 he became
extremely active as an actor. He made a quick guest appearance in the critically
acclaimed HBO Series –The Wire, Disney’s Motion Picture`Step Up, and Brian
McCain’s Motion picture`Hundred Dollar Bill.
Gray expressed a hunger for his own expression and creativity and advanced
his career as a producer, director, and editor for a considerable amount of short
films, music videos.

(Lola Monroe feat Los )

(Paula Campbell)


(Devon Howard)`rIvazI


(Nokio of Dru Hill)

and a host of video work for NFL and!NBA players such as Ray Lewis and Ed
Reed and Kevin Durant

Inspired by the violence of the streets of Baltimore he made his independent
directorial and production debut with the film Torture (2007). Alvin scratched the
surface in television with a reality show for artist and handbag designer Sherry Wolf
As a writer, director and producer Alvin Gray accomplished the release of
Sweet!Dreams (2010) , which is a
film that follows fashion photographer Curtis Monroe (portrayed!by Alvin Gray)
who falls into a consuming relationship with model Melody Griffin (portrayed by
Robyn Wood). She is a woman who haunts his dreams as he sleeps, but their
relationship eventually becomes a fatal attraction nightmare.

Alvin Gray is at the pinnacle of his career as the writer and director of his
upcomin! release Senior Cut Day`
x47wDtRO0c&feature=related . The story unfolds as fifteen years ago the
government of the populous town of Sparksville sent its homeless people to live in
the woods on the outskirts of town. As a means of survival these forgotten souls
began resorting
to cannibalism, feeding on their own and unknowing bystanders. Eventually, their
existence becomes just a rumor and memory in the minds of those old enough to
remember. A group of kids from the local high school decide to cut school and their
car breaks down near the woods, their Senior Cut Day becomes more memorable
than they could have imagined.
Alvin Gray Characterized as fearless, creative and talented remains etched as a
Writer, Director
and producer and is a person to watch out for in the upcoming future


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