Thursday, November 3, 2011

#QuarantineRadio Doctor Report on @thisis100grand mixtape Schizophrenia

Doctor Report on 100 grand Mixtape "Schizophrenia"

ILL McKenzie was the only one that listen to the whole mixtape from the Quarantine Radio staff but M.D. was impress by what he heard on the show.

ILL McKenzie felt like the artist was very creative from the first track to the last. Each track had its own meaning and bridge together a story line. The first couple tracks flowed like reading a book, from one chapter to the next as the artist talked about how he started his day to going to school. The artist then enter different subject matters with different angles, from talking from view point of the entitled mixtape to interacting with a girl from online, 100 grand creativity is something that the rap game has not seen in awhile. ILL gave this mixtape a 4 out of 5 rating.

ILL's Rating 4 out of 5


1 = Clean Bill of Health
2 = Light Cough
3 = 24 hour bug
4 = Flu

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