Wednesday, September 21, 2011

#QuarantineRadio Interview with @anayadaffe


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Having a musical calling that mimics a southern songbird,Anaya Daffe’ takes her vocal attributes from tha block to tha booth with ease.Anaya was born in Ft. Carson.Co and just like its mountainous terrain,her life would unfold just as rocky. After relocating and traveling the map she landed in the south and planted her roots.Having lost what feels like a nation of close friends & lovers,to unparallel amounts of street violence Anaya reluctantly had to continue to move forward.Not just because her talent deserved to flourish,but in memorandum of those who believed in her ability to dream big,and live those dreams to the fullest. She cradles her stormy past as she climbs the ladder to her brighter musical forecast. Anaya is out to make her mark in the music world. Her drive and dedication to her music over time now has her name buzzing like a mad hornet’s nest. With clinching lyrical content, a magnetic voice, and a charismatic seductive presence it’s no wonder she’s winning the hearts of listeners. One need only to attend one of her shows to sense how specially gifted she measures across

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