Thursday, September 15, 2011

Quarantine Radio Interview with @MsNishay


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 Lyrically in the "go hard" phase, there is a saying used most formally in the world of entertainment. "Actions speak louder than words" says NiShay. This "Ms. Most Lyrical Acclaimed" has taken the South Florida by storm & no doubt is coming harder than ever on her musical journey to the limit. Dancer, Singer, Writer, Composer, & Artistic genius, has taken a mark and goal on the music industry's supremacy at the young age of 21. This vibrant, talented,& kind hearted music artist has been flying faster through word of mouth & is capturing audiences in various countries. By far, lyrically she has inspired those who endure the passion of singing to set fourth into their future careers, for she is as well a role model for those that dear to dream. This Talented artist has not yet begun but yet already has many supporters locally as well as nationally. "I have not yet seen what is there for me, but my fans seen it all." says Nishay. On March 20th, 1989 NISHAY was born In Miami, FL. Raised in Nassau, Bahamas, this young star learned the art and crafts of music by singing and dancing in front of friends and family as she is also apart of a musical inclined family. Little did she know, this would continue in her adult career. For her, music was a way of bringing many together. She grew a passion for the artistry of music. At the age of 5, she began to sing giving friends memory of her voice, & at the age of 7 began composing lyrics; not something a normal child would do, but for NiShay it was a passion. Having graduated college, she finds herself deeply setting her talents for major goals. In any comfortable setting, her vibrant character is known for laughs, articulating dances, and her sweet angelic voice has been said to inspire the uninspired. And now here she is, in full effect, talented and acclaimed by working her way to the top. This is the beginning and the change of the industry is right before you. 
The change Will be heard, the change is coming this decade...

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