Monday, March 30, 2009

Vacation with Me

iight sooooooo yea...been a min but been hard at I said we trying make hits so what we do work on a killer beat...see what singers wanted to get on the hook...only thing left for me to write my verses and record...
Yea so I wrote the it aint like it...wrote it again...thought needed some wrote it...spit the verse out loud and got tongue tied on some wrote it...Finally got it the way I wanted recorded the track...told my singer prepare for me to send the track...sat back listen to the whole track and was like...ummm something not right...couldnt put my finger on it...listen to it like 10 I sent the track to Click Two Times...If you coped my ILL R&B he had two tracks on there...he one of many people I network with that's actually reliable...but he was like your rapping to fast for this type of track...Sent it to Nasty Boy...he gave me a speech...I aint going tell you everything he said but he basically said do it over...we need this to be a hit...what you just did wasnt a hit...and he said bring the strings up in the hook. I hit up two other people in my circle for advice cause I feel they a notch above me in the game for advice. One said basically the same as Nasty did but in a different format...and The other broke down what I needed to hear from a grain of sand on the beach to the house on the hill.
Im already aware that alot of people are hard on me cause they see alot of potential and that I have fixable flaws. I think having the circle I have is the most important thing...I went from having no supporters to having people who will actually work with me.
Now as far as the camp, I dont know the situation with my cousin Murder aint been in contact with him in like...2 or 3 weeks...Prophet is ready for me to send him some beats to write that a big change from him not wanting to be that much involve to him actually wanting verses in tracks. Like I told everyone I want Hits...I want everyone to know that we are here for real...I want everyone to know we a force to be reckon with...the beats are finally on point we just need the lyrics that going catch people full attention...WE BANGING ON THE DOOR AND WE WANT IN...

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