Thursday, February 24, 2011

Black America by @TiJeanOnline and my thoughts on the Black community

I came across this track and found it very interesting, even though we have a Black President, the same "Black America" is carrying on. Most the times it us hating each other that is ruining our community. One might say we have accomplished a lot getting a black man in the White House. But what have we accomplished in our communities. We still killing ourselves more the other races are. One might think see a black man in the office would bring unity, but it hasn't.

The picture above shows Southern University students moaning the death of not one but two students that were killed in the past three days. Higher education is suppose to be a privilege, but now a days it getting scarier and scarier thinking bout even attending a traditional college. And as a black person, most want to take advantage of attending a HBCU. We should not be walking the streets fearing our own people. How can we talk about other races when we cannot even join together in union? Hate and jealousy is an ugly trait, and I don't want to get religious but also a sin. Which I talk about on my other Blog site. But these are the deadliest diseases running through our community, and most people are in denial about it. Most the time the reason for the hate and jealousy is stupid. And the results is sometimes death of an innocent person. A conflict that could of been resolved other ways or with other methods. We as people, need to step back and actually look at ourselves and realize we are the ones killing and hurting ourselves. And just because we have someone in the White House that looks like us, we are not helping him by still carrying on like we were before he was there. It is time to take Obama campaign slogan seriously and find a change in all aspects. Not just with the government, but within ourselves as well.

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