Saturday, April 16, 2011

@LilTunechi wearing @SkyDigg4 jersey at a concert

Seems Skylar Diggins is a treading topic as of lately. From the allegedly nude photos of her appearing on the net, to Lil Wayne doing something most rappers would not do, and that wear a woman basketball jersey, which happens to be hers.
If you don't know of her, Skylar is the sophomore at Notre Dame that lead her team to the NCAA Women Championship, but fell short in the championship game. But lately the buzz around her has nothing to do with basketball at all. All of the recent transition has surrounded around twitter, where the College player had what most people would call a twitter romance with Rap star Lil Wayne, which some say is the cause of her followers on twitter jumping so high. Even during the cheered on his "Twitter wife" via Twitter. And above you can see his support for the potential WNBA star, by wearing her jersey.
Recently pictures were sent out of what looks like the college ball player, and as soon as she heard of these alleged picture, she address the situation Via twitter.

With the celebrity world filled with celebrities that seem to love to take nude photos of themselves, one would understand why Ms. Diggins had to address the situation. Question is do people believe her, or do people even care whether it's her or not. The image alone is a fantasy to any male groupie or stalker, but the true question is why would someone want to do this to an up coming star. The world is filled with people with too much time on their hands, and ruining someone's life and character is how they pass it. Hopefully this situation will not damage the image that some hold of Diggins at the moment.

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