Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Doctor Report on @essyoubee mixtape Distance to Infinity

When it came to reviewing this Mixtape, both ILL McKenzie and Beat M.D. were impress by the rapper Submit but both had their different opinions on how the rapper stood out and what they would like to see from the rapper over all.

ILL Said that the mixtape was pure raw hip hop and the artist possess the ability to tell a story. On the track "Tumblr Chick" he ties in the current trend of the social network trend into a story that people could relate to while sticking with the essence of hip hop itself, one might say he sort of bridge the gap on this track. ILL did not feel like the rapper was trying to break into the industry off a gimmick but more of pouring out his soul into the music. On a couple track the artist transfers his passion for his music from his lips, to the microphone to the listeners ear, and delivers the ability to help the listener vividly see the picture he is trying to paint through his words and his heart. Over all ILL gave this Mixtape a 4 out of 5

M.D. said he was very impress by the rapper ability to handle himself on the microphone but he didnt like the fact the rapper was trying to change up his style to a pop genre. Didn't feel the rapper had to go that route on the mixtape but he liked his flow and strong presence of his delivery. Overall he gave the mixtape a 4 out 5.

ILL Rating = 4 out 5

M.D. Rating = 4 out 5


1 = Clean Bill of Health
2 = Light Cough
3 = 24 hour bug
4 = Flu

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