Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Thoughts

After a couple feedback and me listening the mixtape a couple times my thought on my mixtape is that I feel I rushed a lot of stuff...many times I think that's my flaw, Im rushing stuff before i post. I dont really listen with my critical ear when it comes to my own work. I can pick out everyone else flaw like who needs to have more attitude or how to say a certain word...but with me its like I'm just trying get it done. The chemistry of the tracks were off and I should of worked more on my mixing. I always felt I ad problems with my deliverance and it showed a lot on some tracks. The only flaw i think i fixed was rushing my flow and actually listen for the beat. Even though some tracks show i was a lil off beat. I gotta dedicate more time to every track and maybe accept help with creativeness on certain tracks. I feel every time i expose my flaws im losing a chance to connect with a potential supporter. My networking and researching is on point but i believe Im not using these tools right. The other day a beat I had made for another friend I listen to it but I really never liked it but I liked the hook i picked out for it. So I re did the whole beat and gave it more edge, I still want Beat M.D. to put his touches to it too, but in the end i think ima keep it for myself. In all I really need to put in more work and dedication into my work.

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