Tuesday, February 24, 2009

talking to Murder

So I'm talking to Murder Yesterday bout my progress and everything. He inform me that he still hasnt had the opp to sit down and listen to the mixtape but i shouldnt keep beating myself up. Basically saying the everyone their own worst critic and he has heard my lyrics and im gifted. In my mind is I need to reinvent myself and its the same mind frame Beat M.D. is having as we work on new beats.
Volume 2 ima put in more time to listening to details and how ima deliver my flow. Also work more on original tracks. So far myself im working on 3 beats and Beat M.D. said he working on 3. So all that left is us getting together and put our touches on each other beat if needed. I want the next time I drop something it leaves a good impact. Most the work on this one will be in house cause im tired of chasing people who came to me to work together. I take my work serious and when I sit and make or beat or have the idea that i got someone else on the track. Like the past year that situation has held me back. There might be like 2 or 3 people i'll call on for collabo but other then that it strictly in house.
But as far as the mixtapes like alot of people like the ILL R&B making me think am i just a 16 on a R&B track. If I am I am and i'll just stretch on that.

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