Saturday, May 21, 2011

@BMI Unsigned artist Urban showcase in Atlanta

I had the opportunity to attend the BMI Urban Unsigned artist Showcase in Atlanta. I can honestly say it was a good experience seeing some of the young talent that are trying to break into the game. Talent that I may have not of gotten to see or heard of before this event. It is also a good place to network with other people trying to establish their self into the entertainment business. Exchanging information with a couple people is how one builds their brand and markets themselves, even though I did not get to touch base with everyone I saw and wanted to talk to, it is a good opportunity to experience the vibe and see people who are serious about their craft.

Also being able to see the established artists, and hearing about their journey to stardom can be inspirational to some people. One has to work hard in this type of industry, and it good to see a company like BMI trying to provide the tools for success to those who need it.

I enjoyed watching the unsigned artist perform. Artists like Jus NiceSaunders SermonsFKi, and  Chase N Cashe of Surf Club. My favorite out the bunch was FKi, they had a lot of energy and had very different and unique vibe out all of the artists, also it was said they are producers and responsible for Travis Porter "Make it rain". Saunder Sermon was very soulful artist, and I could relate to his music, also seem like a complete musician as he played the trumpet during one of his songs. Not to take away from the other artists that performed, but those were my two favorite. 

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