Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fox news attacks the character of @Common

People that really follow rap music know the type of rapper that Common is, after reading an article which fox news try to paint a picture of him, it was obvious they were painting a picture without even looking at the subject himself. The rap world knows Common as one of the most conscious rapper of this generation. Because of his reading at Def Poetry, which it seems is the only material that fox news has of the rapper, they painted a picture of a vicious thug who should never step foot on government soil. The words he might of said in the poetry might of been violent, but just like his beef with Ice Cube and the west side connection, it was words taking out of context and made out for what it was not. These were words said out of anger of how Bush was handling things in our country. Should he have said these things? Maybe not, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion, just like people are now attacking Obama for things going on in the country now. Is it much different from what they are doing, or are they just trying to associate Obama with bad company? Maybe they should dig deeper and find out what type of man they are talking about before release a story like this, and not just looking at all black people as the same.

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