Thursday, June 16, 2011

@9thWonderMusic & @rapsodymusic speak on essence

When listening to this piece, the first thing thought caught my attention was 9th wonder saying that this emcee is an emcee first and a female second. This is an element that a lot of female rappers are missing and this is why they are lacking in capturing the real true essence of hip hop. Most females feel they have to capture and appeal to the males of the industry and relate to the females listeners. That type of mind frame I feel takes away from the art form of hip hop and the emcee their selves. From listening to this artist Rapsody, it reminds you of female artist like Lauren Hill that anyone can look at and actually see her going toe to toe with one of her fellow male emcee. These other female rappers I just do not see that, like they are trapped in that small box or category of a female rapper. I would like to see more female emcee step out the so called blue print for a female rapper success and create their own way like their fellow male counter parts.

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