Saturday, June 4, 2011

Doctor Report on F.T.H.(@BoiOneDaFTH @BulletNC @Moneyfthnc @FeeveFTHNC) Mixtape "Hustling for Dummies vol 2"

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ILL Mckenzie and Beat M.D. were very impress by this rap group out of North Carolina. They have what most Rap groups need to survive in this industry and that is chemistry. The first track was very strong, which is a good thing, to start an album or mixtape off with. It builds that foundation of what to expect from the artist and the actually complete CD itself. Which lead into the next track which showed a lot of creativity of talking about rescuing the game of hip hop, from the stand point of a team that are super hero like characteristics. Just listening to the second track, it feels like they could be the type of group that could bring Hip Hop back to its foundation. Their word play and punch lines were a little over average, Over all a good vibe and mixture of music. A lot of versatility was shown, they did not just focus on one type of style, but touched every type of subject. The only thing missing from the mixtape was a sentimental type track.

Rating 4 out of 5 = The Flu

1 = Clean Bill of health
2 = Light Cough
3 = 24 hour bug
4 = The Flu
5 = Quarantine

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