Saturday, March 5, 2011

@CASSIDY_LARSINY speaks on brainwashing in the music industry

The one thing a lot of people will not speak on is being brain washed. The reality of the matter is this is what the music industry does to people everyday. People are afraid of accepting a new artist, if they are not accepted by others, or is that artist does not have the right promotion or beats on their CD, they are looked over.
When I talk about brain washing, I always refer back to two beefs in the rap industry, the first one Jay-z vs Nas and the second is Can-I-Bus vs LL Cool J. When asked who won these battles, you can tell who the true hip hop heads are from their response, who is just a bandwagon rider, or just distracted by material things. What is even sadder, when it comes to the Jay-z and Nas battle, Jay-z is actually reported saying that he lost that battle. But you still have fans today saying Jay-z won. It actually irritates me, and shows me that the people that say these things, are the ones that are responsible for garbage being on the radio now. Why certain artist are labeled great artist, when they spend a whole verse talking bout nothing, and the only thing they have going for them is a catchy hook. And this type of method get recycled and recycled.
Here another example with this new dance trend everyone involved in. All a person has to do and do two or three steps to a beat, come up with a name for the dance, get a hot beat, and they have a hit record. I have seen some of the simplest dances in the world become popular, because music listeners are brainwashed, and it takes away from real artist trying to makes it in the main stream. I am not going say some people are successful because they are apart of this group Illuminati, they successful because they know how dumb some fans are. Real music is dying everyday, and it hard to actually revive it at this point, when a person will actually come out their mouth and say a rapper like Gucci Maine is better then a rapper like Nas. I actually saw this tweet, and it made me shut down my computer for the rest of the day.

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