Tuesday, March 1, 2011

from Ciara to Farrakhan, Rihanna a true "Good girl gone Bad

Me personally I was a fan on both Rhianna first two albums, and I remember when she said a female does not have to reveal too much of herself to be sexy. At the moment cannot remember what magazine this was, but it was in reference of not thinking about doing the King Magazine when she reached of age. So what happen, was it her "maturing", the situation with Chris, or her trying to hard to become popular.
In the above Video, Ciara mentions how the first time they meet that she was very respectful and kind, and how now a days she does not fit that persona. Now I have heard things about Ciara, but that a different story.
Louis Farrakhan attacks the singer and her fans. Basically attacking her new attitude towards life. One might say her new style is like a soundtrack to a porno. Sometimes I wonder what happen to the girl from the first CD release. I honestly like that Rihanna better, but some people seem to lose themselves in this business, trying to appeal to certain audiences. But in my opinion she has lost herself, or she could be showing the real her from the start. The transition from album 2 and 3 is when the change I felt began. people might like her new stuff, but me personally, one or two songs and I'm done with listening.
After looking at her actions of recent, I really feel she need to re-evaluate herself, and go back to the role when she first came out. If she wants to be the role model she claim to want to be in her post Chris Brown interview, how are her actions of lately a good role model. Just because a person leaves an abusive relationship, does not set a good example when your music is now sounding like it should be at the climax of a porno. There a difference between feel good romantic music or some might refer to baby making music, and just...yea that type of music.

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