Saturday, March 26, 2011

Will @Chrisbrown ever be able to move forward

One thing about what is said to be human nature, most people are not able to forgive and forget. When this happens, the person seeking that forgiveness becomes stressed out trying to prove their worth. After looking at the past action of Chris Brown, one can say this is the state of mind he is in.
After recently putting out a CD which I have listen to, and think is great work all the way through, most artist go on to promote that CD. One step that Chris Brown took was appearing on Good Morning America, which he found out once again people want to bring up a situation he really wants to forget. Me being an artist myself, the mind frame of an artist is trying to get people to recognize the time and effort they have put into something they think is perfect. Getting the feed back of fans is also a plus side, especially when they are positive feedback. Instead, he had to answer questions about a situation he felt was behind him, but are situation like that ever behind us.
When a person goes to jail and comes out, they are forced to let everyone know they were in jail, and watch the other person pass judgement. In the Bible they talk about forgiveness and passing judgement on others, but it is something we ignore all the time, because people feel it is human nature. Well this human nature has also left Brown without a publicist. It is reported that his publicist Tammy Brook, has decided to no longer represent him. Her words were that "He needs to get it together...". In my mind it is strange when people say this, and then leave the person with no support and leaves them stranded on the island they are on.
Whether or not a person believes that his actions were right the night with Rhianna, someone has to step up and help him get back on his feet and fully recover from the situation. Micheal Vick had Tony Dungy to be his guide to recovery. Who going step up, forgive Chris of his actions and actually help him fully recover. He has been putting out what I think is some of his best work since the incident, but no one is willing to forget it. And everyone just wants to look at him, and label him a person with anger issues. When is society going to break this image of, "Its Human Nature" and actually step up and help one another. learn to forgive and forget, and learn not to pass judgement till the whole story of a person is revealed. Everyone can be helped to full recovery, it just takes one person.

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