Thursday, March 10, 2011

Oprah Vs Wendy

It seems that Oprah was a little upset, that Aretha Franklin picked Wendy's show to do her first interview post surgery. Oprah was reported displaying her disappointment of Aretha choice, along with degrading the credibility of Wendy's show.
I personally do not watch Wendy's show, but of all people, one would think that Oprah would be supporting other people, as well as a African-American woman, trying to come up in the talk show business. But then again, this is the same woman that refuses to have rappers on her show, and has started her own religious group. Not worshiping her, but with a different belief towards God.
Do these actions show that Oprah feels like she is above everyone else? In my opinion yes, she has had a very successful career, and for her to stomp on someone else rise seems a bit childish for someone her age. But it also goes to show that Oprah money cannot buy everything, and maybe everyone else is starting to realize this.

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