Saturday, March 26, 2011

@myfabolouslife tells Baby mama she has to Go

Just last week, we actually did a Radio Show, on the VH1's show "Love and Hip Hop". It is reported that one of the stars of this show, Emily, who is Fabolous' baby mama, has been told by Fab, that she has to go. She is said to be living in a New York apartment, that is paid for by, no other then baby daddy Fabolous. I have not watched the second episode, but if this has anything to do with the first ep, it could explain a lot. Fabolous actually has been dating this one girl (Saniyyah) for five years. Makes one wonder was anything that Emily said on the first episode even true, about the relationship she claims to have with him, other then him being the baby father and being his stylist, the rest is left for questioning. This show could just be another publicity stunt, to give someone fame that does not deserve it. That is what most reality shows are fueled by, some succeed and some make a fool of themselves and fail.

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