Sunday, August 14, 2011

#QuarantineRadio Interview with @TheMadisonJay

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“There’s a difference between swagger and charisma. Swagger can be acquired, but charisma is something embedded in your DNA,” says the Raleigh, NC born MCee Madison Jay. “I possess a sharp, articulate flow blended with a shitload of charisma my nigga, I think I’m quite marketable.” Choice words for a rookie still looking for his break.
Born Dionté Gambrell, to young parents in North Carolina, Madison never really had a musical influences around him except the musical tunes he’s would hear in his families homes. “I was an R&B head ‘til I was 13 and then got into hip-hop music heavy.” Madison studied everything with hip-hop knowledge, from album booklets, and magazines, to biographies, all of which shaped his present future.
In 2002, Madison joined his Athens Drive High School colleagues, and together they formed the group HeadHuntaz, and began releasing hand pressed CD’s around school. The group achieved local success with performances at local syndicated TV shows and college homecomings. In 2007, MJ coincidently began recording solo material. “Nature took its course that’s all,” he says about the change of…
Everything changed in November 2008 when Madison won local radio station WQOK-K97.5’s Freestyle Friday competition and continued winning for 11 straight weeks before being busted. The new found exposure lead Madison to release No Stress and shoot the video “Does She,” which received regional fanfare. Then he released the free mixtape, Raps Like Wrestling, and the internet favorite video “Stone Cold/The Rock,” that gave him the ammunition to go full throttle with his burgeoning career.
The well-spoken MCee proclaims 2011 as The Year of County. “Everybody says it’s their year and it possibly could be, I just need a piece of that, I-N-T… I need that.” With his latest single, “Rep My City,” featuring Gage and Big Money LIVE from the soon to be released new mixtape #RLW2, Madison Jay is looking to “Stone Cold” stun the rap game into a daze.

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