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@ValentinaEnt interview with #QuarantineRadio

Valentina Interview
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"VALENTINA a/k/a TINA a/k/a "YOUNG ANNY MAY", has been referred to as North Carolina's own "Hip Hop Southern Bell." Hands down, this young lady has been generating a nice buzz in Hip Hop lately. This self proclaimed "Burnt child spitting fire", definitely has a story to tell. Without revealing too much, too soon, lets start with this.
On face value, VALENTINA displays an innocent, Black/Latina princess, mixed with a SPLASH of Indian that you instantly fall in love with. Even Dear old mom is sure to recognize that she is a lady in the street and a freak behind closed doors; like she once was. "She's a Keeper, son" is what momma would say if you took her home to meet her.
When it comes to her lyrics, VALENTINA is considered a raw experience to say the LEAST. This lil mama from the Dirty, Dirty is definitely meant for a more mature audience. Suffering from what is known in the Old South as a “potty mouth", TINA lets it all hang out on stage. The ladies can definitely relate as VALENTINA taps into every woman's inner freak.
Her single, “Gripping the Faucet”, is an X rated, "getting it in", type of song. To see VALENTINA perform "Gripping The Faucet, is usually an "Okay, that’s what’s up” type of experience. TINA takes instant command of the mic, the stage, and the crowd, leaving haters saying "She Aaagiht." and later saying "okay, she really did put it on for her City."
On 4/19/11, “Gripping The Faucet” was aired on Shade 45 XM radio's Hate it or Love it show, and survived the raw, uncut critique of listeners from all over the Country. Hate it or Love it is known for its callers taking a no-holds barred approach to new artists. VALENTINA's song received 4.5 out of Five. Most callers were intrigued by her lyricism and turned on by her explicit wordplay; many became instant fans. Only one person thought it was just wrong for a “lady” to put it out there like that. "She should be a stripper or something..." _unknown caller.
On 5/3/11 “Gripping the Faucet”, and her second single off her "A Taste of Me" Mixtape“ called VALENTINA”, both aired on Shade 45 Morning Show “Don’t Quit Your Day Job”, and were unanimously praised. "Quit yo damn job, momma, and follow your dreams." was the overall survey. On 5/17/11, VALENTINA landed 1st place during Fayetteville’s “Iron Mic” competition, sponsored by Foxy 99.1 FM. Her song "DAME DINERO" won over the very stiff competition and the judges declared VALENTINA as the winner and she moved on to the semi-finals. As a result, "Gripping The Facuet" has recieved airplay on Foxy 99.1 FM's Independent Spotlight.Her Collaboration on "The Chicken Song Remix" with North Carolina's own PJandmore also landed her airplay on Foxy 99.1 FM.
Can VALENTINA Freestyle? well, as a matter of fact yes she can, Currently as of July 2011, VALENTINA is the 2x freestyle battle champ at "The Spot Lounge" in Fayetteville N.C. Most Recently, (8/1/11) Valentina was interviewed on and her song "VALENTINA" is in constant rotation at the station.
Holding down the #3 Spot on the Reverbnation local charts for Fayetteville, Valentina is definitely on the radar and her plane is about to land safely on Hip Hop's runway. Stay tuned, as her Mixtape, "A Taste of Me" comes out in the end of August, 2011, and her Album, VALENTINA'S DAY is anticipated to drop 1st quarter, 2012.

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